Payment Policies

Payment Policies and Information

Swim team practice sessions are based on a monthly rate and are due the first four days of each month.  Please use the chart below for reference.  Since we do not lock in fees for a season, if at any time you choose to take time off please refer to our Inactive Status section for additional information.

Group Monthly Fee
Blue Elite $190.00
Blue 1 $190.00
Black $155.00
Gray $130.00
White $115.00
Grommets $16.00/per lesson
College Swimmers $200.00/per season
Masters $50.00

Annual Fees:

Annual Registration fees will be as follows:

1-2 swimmers                 $30 per swimmer

3 swimmers                    $60 per family

4 or more                        $90 per family

Annual registration fees will be due when you sign up and will then be collected in January of each following new year.

$70.00 USA Swimming Registration (Subject to change based on USA Swimming) is also collected when a new swimmer starts and then collected in January of each new year.

Inactive Status:

The swim team membership is an annual contract that is broken down into monthly payments due within the first 4 days of each month.

If you decide to take time off for one month, you will still be responsible for your monthly payment. Practices are still offered and coaches are working through important aspects of their season plan even if you are not there. It is the swimmer's prerogative to take time off. If you decide to take off 2 or more months, your status will change to inactive.

You can resume swim team practice at any time.

After your championship meet:

Swimmers who have finished their season should still attend practice as normal to maintain their fitness. However, if you are going to plan time off or family vacations, this is the time to do it. Missing practices during the 2 weeks following a swimmer's championship meet is ok. These practices are only for maintenance purposes and to support your fellow teammates who still have championship meets yet to come. This period is also a great time for stroke work or extra work with the coaches if swimmers want to develop, or work on something in particular.