Team Suit Info.

LRW Competition Swim Suit and Cap Recommendations
These recommendations have been developed in order to provide swimming families with a clear understanding about LRW team suits and also to give some guidance about the acquisition of suits for individual swimmers. Swimming provides many areas of opportunity and growth because of its dual nature; being both an individual and a team sport. We recognize the successes of each individual member of the Wavemakers and we value the strength of the team as a whole. Wearing team suits and/or caps at swim meets is one way that we express our team spirit and unity.

Swim Suits

Team suits can be ordered on our team store site (Click HERE for the team store site). This site also has suggested options for goggles and flippers(fins). 

Swim Caps
Swimmers are asked to wear Wavemaker designated team caps at swim meets. A Wavemaker cap will be provided by the non-profit parent board to each swimmer to use for meets.  For practice it's good to wear a different cap to save the Wavemaker cap for meets. 

*If a swimmer decides to wear a speed suit or fast cap, We request that these be as close to team suit/cap color(s) as possible.

Suit Sizing & Acquisition Guidance: Sizing: In general, it is recommended that competition suits fairly tight. Larger suits create ’drag’ in the water and slow the swimmer down. It's best to not get a suit to grow into for a compettion suit.  For sizing help please see Coach Katie. There is also a sizing kit with various sizes of suits. 
Wear: Competition suits should not be worn at team practices because they become worn out and loose.

Inexpensive practice suits may be bought from the following web sites (click on the links):


USA Swimming Rules
#1 USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Article 102.9.1 (Swim wear) Design
A. Swimsuits worn for all 12 & under age group defined competition shall not cover the neck, extend
past the shoulder, nor past the knee.
B. Swimsuits worn for competition must be non-transparent and conform to the current concept of the
C. The Referee shall have the authority to bar offenders from the competition until they comply with
the rule.

#2. Article 102.9 of the USA Swimming Rules & Regulations,
Swim wear, the use of more than one swimsuit at a time during any USA Swimming sanctioned or
approved competition is prohibited.
The following points are all important in understanding the applicability of the restriction to only
allow one swimsuit at a time during competition:
• The restriction applies only to actual competition (i.e. a race).
Swimmers may wear more than one suit during warm-up and warm-down as well as around the pool
deck between their actual races.
• Swimmers may use as many different suits as they desire during any particular swim meet or any
particular day during a swim meet and may change those suits as often as they desire as long as they do not wear more than one swimsuit at a time during their actual competitive events (races