2017 Fall/Winter Registration INFO


2018-19 Fall/Winter LRW Swim Season


Go to www.lakesregionwavemakers.com and complete the online registration for your swimmer(s).
At the end of the process you will be instructed to print and complete a Medical Information Form for each swimmer and NEW SWIMMERS will also have to print a 2019 USA Swim Registration Form.
The USA Swim Registration is now part of the online process so returning swimmers do not have to complete and submit the paper form.  It is your responsibility to make sure the information on the swimmer(s) is accurate and complete, including using the FULL middle name of the swimmer if he/she has one.  New swimmers that have never been a USA Swim member must complete a paper 2019 USA Swim Reg. form and provide a copy of his/her birth certificate with your payment of $78. After registering with USA swim the swimmer must register with TWC.
The final step is to submit the Medical Info. Form, USA Swim & Birth Certificate if applicable and payment.

For registration questions email: Frances Plunkett -  fplunkett@thewellnesscomplex.com:

For team question email Coach Dave coachdave@lakesregionwavemakers.com

Mailing Address: 827 North Main Street, Laconia, NH 03246

We begin our season in October and run through mid-March. Practice attendance is flexible!
Attend the practice time in your designated group whichever days fit your schedule. There are no mandatory practices or meets, however the more you participate the more improvement you will see.

We strive to provide a competitive swimming opportunity to area youth of all abilities in a supportive and challenging environment. Coaches, parents and swimmers work to foster the following ideals: sportsmanship, team pride, self-esteem, physical fitness, and commitment to self-improvement, learning & practicing swimming techniques, and having fun!

Our swimmers range in age from 5-19 years, and abilities from novice to New England Championships level.



Practices will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The Practice groups are broken up into 3 groups detailed below.


Group A- 6:00-7:00;   Group B-6:00-7:15; Group C-6:00-7:30

Group A- 5:30-6:30;   Group B-5:30-6:45; Group C-5:30-7:00

Group A- 6:30-7:30;   Group B-6:30-7:45; Group C-6:30-8:00
(All practice times are afternoon/evening times)
(Note: We are looking to add a few Friday practices throughout the season as well.)

Season Start Date
There will be a special 1-day practice for new swimmers only, new to the team, on Monday October 1st from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. This will give those new to the team a chance to practice without the whole team present.
Regular practices start Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 for all swimmers.


Swim Groups:

Group A:
Approximate age, 8 & under. Swimmers must be independent in the water, have taken some swim lessons, be able to put their face in the water, and swim at least the length of the pool.  These practice sessions will offer more one on one attention from the Coach and will focus on teaching proper basic swim techniques.

Group B: Approximate age 9 to 11. Swimmers must be independent in the water. They should have some experience with the four swim strokes, diving and turning.  These practice sessions will focus on refining technique and improving endurance through drills and instruction.

Group C:
Approximate age - 12 and up.  Swimmers at this level should have a strong swimming ability and focus.  These practice sessions will focus on refining technique, improving endurance and encourage strength training and competition improvement.

If you are unsure of practice groups, coaches can make a final determination of which groups best fits your swimmer. Swimmers will be required to wear swim gear with the TWC logo next year. However, during this 2018 Fall-Spring program LRW gear should be worn.



Tuition for the 2018-2019 season includes all practice times.

Option I - Pay in Full - $695 (paid to TWC) + $78 USA Swimming Registration (paid to USA swim) paid in full at registration.

Option II – Monthly Payments – $695 spread over 4 payments.   At registration 1st payment of $200 + $78 USA Swimming Registration. The remaining installments will be charged to your card on file. Your account on file will be charged on Oct. 15th- $200 Nov. 15th $150 & Dec. 15th $145.

All families must provide a credit card that we will keep on file and auto bill your installment. This card will also be used to pay meet fees. If your credit card is rejected there will be an additional charge of $25 for any installment that does not go through. The swimmer will not be able to participate in any practices or meets until the account is current.

Additional fees and discounts:
• USA Swimming Registration - $78            
• A team suit (recommended) & cap.  (more info will follow)  

 Meet Fees - When a swimmer is entered into a meet which requires meet entry and event fees, the family credit card on file will be charged the necessary fees at the time they are registered for the events. Families will be notified of the charges to their account.


Trial period for New Swimmers:

A new swimmer may have afour-week trial period in which they can try the team. After four weeks should you decide to withdraw from the program before the four-week trial ends, you will be refunded a prorated amount for the 4 weeks based on the initial payment of $200. The $78 USA swim registration can not be refunded.

There will be no refunds after Oct 30th and no refunds to participants who participate in the entire four-week trial and decide not to continue. A swimmer who cancels after 1 week will be refunded $150, $100 at 2 weeks, and $50 at 3 weeks. Partial weeks will not be refunded and will count as full weeks. Once you have committed to the season and initiated a payment option, all financial commitments are due, regardless of the swimmer’s status on the team. This includes any swimmer who quits the team for any reason after the four weeks. Financial obligations must be met even if you withdraw.

Club membership

All swim team members must be members of the club.

During this introductory year TWC is pleased to include a free membership to all members of the TWC Wavemakers swim team. The membership is good while the team member is actively participating on the swim team. If the team member quits or the session ends the membership ends.

The free membership is for the team member only, not for family members. Family members are encouraged to join the club. A family member may be a paid guest of their swim team member at the club and pay a member guest fee to use the facilities.

Parental Volunteers

All swim-team families must have at least one parent or adult in their family volunteer for at least one job or committee. Persons who volunteer first will have precedent in choosing their committee.

Locker-room Monitor- monitor/supervise swimmers in the lower locker rooms when swimmers arrive and when they get out of the pool to ensure they are behaving, showering and picking up after themselves.

Committee Leader- Be the central contact between volunteers and staff at TWC.

Meet Results- Update team records, team bulletin board, newspaper articles, social media, etc.

Fundraising- Coordinate fundraising events and communicate the information to families and team members. Proceeds will go to the LRW nonprofit to benefit the swimmers.

Team Events committee- Plan and coordinate team events such as banquets, social events, etc.

Officials- Represent the team as a certified official at meets.

***Note: All families must take turns timing at meets in which your swimmer(s) participates.  If you are unable to time it will be your responsibility to find a replacement to cover your block and you must notify the committee leader with the name of the person covering your block.






For team questions: Contact Head Coach Dave Gingrich