2017 Fall/Winter Registration INFO

Summer 2021 TWC Wavemakers Swim Season

Registration is Open



Go to and complete the online registration for your swimmer(s). 

Click on the “START REGISTRATION” Tab located in the left menu box.

Please complete the registration by Thursday May 27th. 

At the end of the process you will be instructed to print and complete a Medical Information Form for each swimmer and NEW SWIMMERS will also have to print a 2020 USA Swim Registration Form.

The USA Swim Registration is now part of the online process so returning swimmers do not have to complete and submit the paper form.  It is your responsibility to make sure the information on the swimmer(s) is accurate and complete, including using the FULL middle name of the swimmer if he/she has one.  New swimmers that have never been a USA Swim member must complete a paper 2020 USA Swim Reg. form and provide a copy of his/her birth certificate with your payment of $80. After registering with USA swim the swimmer must register with TWC.

The final step is to submit the Medical Info. Form, USA Swim & Birth Certificate if applicable and payment.  We encourage returning swimmers to register asap and either drop it off at The Wellness Complex or mail payment and paperwork to:  The Wellness Complex, 827 North Main Street, Laconia NH 03246 and mark it as TWC Wavemakers registration. You will not be able to sign up for meets until the registration is completed online and all forms and payment are received.

Swimmers will NOT be allowed to attend practice or sign up for meets unless all registration forms including a Covid-19 waiver and fees are collected.  **All NEW swimmers MUST provide a copy of their Birth Certificate.

For registration questions email: Elizabeth Colburn at [email protected]

Mailing Address: 827 North Main Street, Laconia, NH 03246

The TWC Wavemakers are excited to offer a summer 2021 swim-team season. We begin our season June 2nd and it will run through to the championship meet which is likely to be the last weekend of July or first weekend of August. Practice attendance is flexible - there are no mandatory practices or meets, however the more you participate the more improvement you will see.


We strive to provide a competitive swimming opportunity to area youth of all abilities in a supportive and challenging environment. Coaches, parents and swimmers work to foster the following ideals: sportsmanship, team pride, self-esteem, physical fitness, and commitment to self-improvement, learning & practicing swimming techniques, and having fun! Our swimmers range in age from 5-19 years and abilities from novice to New England Championships level.


Practices will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

The Practice groups are broken up into 3 groups detailed below.


Group A- 5:30-6:15;   Group B-6:00-7:00; Group C-6:45-7:45

(All practice times are afternoon/evening times)

Regular practices start Wednesday June 2rd, 2021 for all swimmers! 

There are a few new protocols due to Covid 19.  The numbers of swimmers in a lane will be limited and swimmers will maintain distance from each other. Swimmers will be in 1 of three sessions based on age and ability. Swimmers can arrive on deck up to 10 minutes before practice begins and should be wearing a mask when not swimming. If swimmers come with suits on that would limit gatherings in locker rooms.  With 3 groups we need to stick to the practice times and parents will need to be on time to pick up their swimmers. Parents will be given 1 warning if they are more than 10 minutes late after practice ends. After the first warning the parent’s account will be charged $15. 


NOTE: Due to the limitation on numbers of swimmers, we may need to move swimmers to a different group. The practice times listed above for each group may need to be changed based on numbers.

Group A: Approximate age, 8 & under. Swimmers must be independent in the water, have taken some swim lessons, be able to put their face in the water, and swim at least the length of the pool.  These practice sessions will offer more one on one attention from the Coach and will focus on teaching proper basic swim techniques.

Group B: Approximate age 9 to 11. Swimmers must be independent in the water. They should have some experience with the four swim strokes, diving and turning.  These practice sessions will focus on refining technique and improving endurance through drills and instruction.

Group C: Approximate age - 12 and up.  Swimmers at this level should have a strong swimming ability and focus.  These practice sessions will focus on refining technique, improving endurance and encourage strength training and competition improvement.


Tuition for the 2021 summer season includes all practice times. Some meets will have fees that the swimmer is responsible for; other meets may not have additional fees. Meets fees will be charged to the card on file. 

Tuition- $349  (paid to TWC) + $80 USA Swimming Registration (made out to TWC.)

All families must provide a credit card that we will keep on file and auto bill your installment. This card will also be used to pay meet fees.

If your credit card is rejected there will be an additional charge of $25 for any installment that does not go through. The swimmer will not be able to participate in any practices or meets until the account is current.

                                                                  Additional Fees 

• USA Swimming Registration - $80            

• A team suit (recommended) & cap.  More info will follow.  

 • Meet Fees - When a swimmer is entered into a meet which requires meet entry and event fees, the family credit card on file will be charged the necessary fees at the time they are registered for the events..

Club Membership

All swim team members who are not members must pay a guest fee if they want to swim or use the club facilities on any days or times that they do not have swim practice. If a parent is not a member they will need to either join or buy a guest pass to go past the lobby of the club during practices to use the facilities. 


Swim Clinic 2021

Registration Closed 

Please register by Friday, May15th

We will hold a 2-week skills-based clinic which will focus on refining technique of the 4 strokes, starts, and turns. 


Weeks of May 17 & 24 

(Mondays- May 17 & 24,   Wednesdays- May 19 & 26,  Thursdays- May 20 & 27)


Group A: 5:30-6:15  Group B: 6:00-7:00  Group C: 6:45-7:45

Cost: $85 per swimmer


To register complete the paper registration form. You can either pick up a form at the front desk of the health club, The Wellness Complex, or print it out from this website. The form is located under the DOCUMENTS  tab. Please return the form with payment to the front desk by Friday May 15th.