Salem Alt Directions

Alternate Route Salem State College
Use this route to avoid downtown Salem traffic, and
 during the Halloween Season.

Take 128 north. Take Exit 28 and stay to the right, to take a right to Centennial Drive.

You then move to the left lane, you are taking the next left, at the lights, to Summit St. (You will see some brown, historical marker, signs to "George Peabody's House." You will be following these, too.)

You go by the North Shore Cancer Center and take a right, now you are on Summit St.

You follow this street to the next set of lights, where you will take a left onto Lynnfield St. (This is where it backs up at commuter time.) You'll also see more "George Peabody" signs.

Follow Lynnfield St. to the next major intersection--lights, Sunoco Station. You take a left here, more "George Peabody" signs, onto Washington St.

You go a little less than a mile and see the Eastman Kodak Gelatin Co. (They make the gelatin for the film here) and the next house is George Peabody's!!!

Continue through the next intersection, lights, Dunkin Donuts on right, barrooms, past Parsons St. Take the next right onto Clement Ave., there is a cleaners on the corner.

Go through two cross streets to the top of a small hill, at the crest you will see a park in front of you. Take a left on Milk St. and then a right.

You will go by the park which is now on your right, and you'll see the sign, entering Salem.
Continue on this road until it
 ends at a major intersection.
Straight ahead is a mall, the
 cross street is Highland Ave., Route 107.

You take a left following the signs to 107 North to Salem. (107 South goes to Lynn.)

There are a number of strip malls along this street, continue past them, past Hillcrest car dealership, past Vincent's potato chips,     Salem High School is off on the right.

At the next set of lights, Wilson Road, take a right.
Follow this street past the high school, past Salem Municipal
 golf Course, Old Salem Greens, keep going to the end of the street.

Take a right onto Jefferson Ave. 
Continue past St. Anne's Church, at the top of a hill, to the end of the street. (You will see signs to Salem State but I'm going to get you to the O'Keefe Center, not to the North, South or Central campuses.)

Take a left onto Route 1A North, but immediately after taking that left, stay to the left side of the liquor store, Cappuccino's.

Do not continue on 1A, it goes by North Campus.

You should now be on Canal St. and should pass Bertinni's Restaurant on the left.
The O'Keefe Center is
 about a block ahead on the right.