Meet Information

North Shore Swim Club
Team Invitational
Prelim & Finals Meet

MIT Competition Pool at the Zesiger Center, Cambridge MA 02139
December 11-14, 2014
Sanctioned by NE Swimming #NE-15-44-TT


Meet Director: Dan Warner (, 978-852-3985)

Meet Referee: Bill McElhiney or Ken Chung

Entry Chairperson: Dan Warner (, 978-852-3985)
Admin Officials: TBD

Safety Monitor: Tony Padvaiskas


MEET FORMAT: The meet will be swum as prelims and finals. Each session will be pre-seeded by computer based on pre-scratches that are due by 6:30 PM the previous evening. Positive check-in will be required for 500 free, 1000 free, 1650 free. Heat sheets will be posted around the pool deck. Coaches will be able to pick up heat sheets for each event at the Clerk of Course table. The top heat of senior women & men 1000 freestyle will swim in finals at the start of the Sunday evening session. The 1650 freestyle will be swum fast-to-slow, alternating heats of women and men if pool breakdown allows.  Swimmers must provide their own timers & counter for events 400 yards or longer. Returning for finals – 10 & Under events (1 heat of 10), 11/12 and 13/14 (2 heats of 10), Senior (3 heats of 10). No events will compete 2 per lane.


SITE: The MIT Competition Pool at the Zesiger Center is two 25 yard competition courses with seven-foot-wide lanes and non-turbulent lane lines and a separate 6 lane 25 yard warm-up and warm down pool. Depth of start and turn end approximately 7 feet deep. Timing Systems are Fully-automatic Colorado Time System with touchpad’s and electronic display for both pools. The facility provides spectator gallery seating for approximately 400. The pool is located inside the MIT Zesiger Center, 120 Vasser Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. The competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4), the copy of such file is on file with USA Swimming.


COURSE: Two courses, 10 lane and 9 lane 25 yard competition courses with separate 25 yard 6 lane pool with 3 lanes open for continuous warm up and warm down.


CUT PROTOCOL: If a session is over-subscribed, the following cuts will be made in this order.

  • Distance events & designated 200 events will be cut by time
  • All teams will be cut back to 2 relays maximum.
  • All relays will be cut from sessions as needed

Clubs will be notified of cuts no later than Monday before the meet. All pre-meet cuts will be refunded to teams.


RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES:  Once a meet is sanctioned, changes can be made to the meet invitation before the meet, only with the approval of the Technical Chair, Laura Matuszak.


MEET COMMITTEE/JURY: The meet jury will be made up of one official, one coach, and one athlete to be selected by the Meet Referee who will present issues and moderate the jury but not vote. The three members shall be from separate teams.  The meet jury will decide all issues of eligibility and anything not addressed in the Meet Announcement.  The Meet Referee shall have authority as described in the 2014 or 2015 USA Swimming Rulebook.


WEATHER PROTOCOL: If weather or facility conditions make it impossible to follow the original timeline of events, the Meet Director and Meet Referee have a right to make changes to the meet sessions. The Meet Director will notify the teams of the changes with as much notice as possible. Cancellation of the meet, or session, is a decision of the Meet Director, Meet Referee and the meet jury.


ELIGIBILITY All swimmers must be 2014 or 2015 registered swimmers with United States Swimming. Swimmers may register with Carol Healey, PO Box 920133, Needham, MA 02492: Age is determined by the age of the swimmer on the first day of the meet. All coaches on deck must be registered with USA Swimming and display their coach membership cards. Any swimmer entered in the meet must be certified by a USA Swimming member-coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water.  When unaccompanied by a member-coach, it is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer’s legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement


REGISTRATIONS: All swimmers must be registered (includes proof of age and payment) with USA Swimming before the first day of the start of the meet. Any swimmer who has entered a meet and does not register by 11:59 PM on the day before the first day of the meet is subject to a $100 fine and will be scratched from the meet. Teams are required to check their entries with the online registration check tool on the New England Swimming web site to verify registration status.


DISABILITY SWIMMERS: Any current athlete members of USA Swimming with a disability, as defined by USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, may enter this meet. If modifications to USA Swimming rules are necessary then the coach or athlete must notify the meet referee and meet director of any disability prior to competition.


EVENTS and SESSIONS: See attached list.


ENTRY INFORMATION: First day of entry acceptance: October 30, 2014 (any entry received before this date will be considered received on October 30, 2014)

Final date of entry acceptance: November 26, 2014.

Make checks payable to: “North Shore Swim Club”

Mail competed/signed “entry cover page and waiver” and payment to the entry chairperson:


            19 Fenley Road

            Gloucester MA 01930

Payment due date for all entries is within 4 days of entry being accepted. Any team that fails to send payment, cover page and waiver form will be responsible for the fees to the host club after the 4 days regardless of participation. Printed copy of entry is NOT required.


ENTRY POLICY:  75%/25% (click to read policy) 
Teams that are included in the 75% of guaranteed entries must submit their entry and payment to the host team no later than 7 calendar days before the first date of entries, or the host team may remove them from the 75% of guaranteed entries. The team will still be liable for payment of the entry fee, and will be referred to the Board of Review. The host team can release this liability if it is able to fill the meet with entries from other teams.


Teams accepted in the 25% or the lottery must send payment for their entry within 4 calendar days of the notification.  Accepted teams that do not send payment within 4 calendar days will forfeit their entry, but will still be liable for payment of the entry fee, unless the host team is able to fill the meet with entries from other teams.  No refunds will be given for entries that are accepted or for entries that are rejected due to improper entry.  Any swimmer who is entered with incorrect swimmer information, or an incorrect or no ID, or is unregistered, will be scratched from the meet until corrections are made per the New England policy.


All unattached swimmers must be declared as unattached in writing before the meet begins


ELECTRONIC ENTRIES: Electronic entries (such as from Hy-Tek Team Manager or other team management software) that are in CL2 or SD3/SDIF format may be emailed as an attachment to the entry chairperson at Entry time updates must be sent as Hy-Tek format CL2 files with updated times.  (New entries will be automatically excluded.)


ENTRY LIMITS: Athletes may enter any amount of events but may swim in a maximum of 3 individual events per day. Relay only swimmers are not being accepted. Time Trials count in the per day event count.


ENTRY TIME UPATES: Entry times may be updated until 7 days prior to the first day of the meet.  No new entries will be accepted after the November 26, 2014 entry deadline.  Entry time updates should be sent via email to the entry Entry time updates must be sent as Hy-Tek format CL2 files with updated times.  (New entries will be automatically excluded.)


ENTRY FEES: Electronic entries:
$6.00 for all events,
$20.00 for relays.
Non-electronic entries: $6.50 for individual events, $22.00 for relays.
Swimmer Participation Fee is $10.00 per swimmer
NE Swimming Travel Fee of $1.00 per swimmer (to be included in the check and the host team will send to NE Swimming) 


ENTRY TIMES: All entries must be specified in short-course 25-yard pool times. 


LEGAL SPLITS: legal splits must be requested before the event using a legal split form, and the requesting party must supply additional timers, if necessary, to meet the three times needed for the time to be “legal”


TIME TRIALS: Time trials will be offered at the discretion of the Meet Director and the Meet Referee if time allows.  Time trials are $5.00 for individual events, and $20.00 for relays.


RELAYS: Relays will not be limited. All relay swimmers must be officially entered in the meet.

PROGRAMS: $4.00 per Prelim pool, $5.00 per Final session.

ADMISSION: $3.00 per session.


MEET MOBILE: Meet mobile results will be functional for this meet. All users should be aware that Meet Mobile publishes unverified raw data which cannot be relied upon until the official results have been published and posted in the facility.


WARMUPS: The pool will open for warm-ups 90 minutes before the beginning of each session. The pool will close five minutes before the beginning of each session. The warm-up pool will be open for the entire session once the meet starts. Teams will be assigned warm-up lanes after all entries are received.

OFFICIALS: If you know that you will be attending this meet, please email the meet referee and let him/her know your level of certification, team, and sessions you will be available.  This is for pre-meet planning purposes only.  All officials are welcome to work any number of sessions and walk-ons are always welcome. (Officials meetings must be at least one hour prior to the start of a session.)

TIMERS: Swimmers must provide their own timers/watches for the 500, 1000, 1650 free, 400IM and all relays at the end of a session only.



  1. Diving will be prohibited during warm-ups except in specifically announced one-way sprint lanes.  There will be no diving in the warm-up and warm-down areas at any time
  2. No shaving is permitted at the competition site.
  3. No glass containers are permitted within the facility.
  4. Swimmers must be under the supervision of a coach.  If a swimmer arrives at the meet without a coach, the swimmer should notify the referee before he/she warms up.  The referee will assign the swimmer to a registered coach for warm-ups.
  5.  Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms, locker rooms, behind the blocks, or in any marked NO CAMERA ZONE.
  6. Except where venue facilities require otherwise, changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is not appropriate and is prohibited.

RULES: Current USA Swimming rules will govern all competition.  Decisions by the meet referee will be final unless a written protest is lodged within 30 minutes of the heat swum. All swimmers, coaches and officials will follow the USA Swimming code of conduct under article 304 of the USA Swimming rules and regulations. Any violation of such policy will be reported to the Meet Referee and the New England Swimming office for further review and/or action.


SAFE SPORT: The conduct of all participants and spectators at a meet is governed by USA Swimming Rules 304/305. Any and all infractions must be reported to an official, the Referee or the Meet Director to be resolved.


PHOTOGRAPHY: PHOTOGRAPHERS ON DECK: As per New England Swimming policy, professional photographers contracted by NSSC or press photographers who have been approved in advance by the Meet Director are allowed on deck. Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted behind the starting blocks, including in any spectator area behind the starting blocks, nor in any other marked NO CAMERA ZONE that will be clearly designated. Email the Meet Director with questions and requests


DECK ACCESS: Only 2014/2015 USA Swimming athletes, coaches, officials, and official meet staff are permitted on the pool deck.  All non-athletes on the pool deck must display their USA Swimming registration card at all times.  Individuals without their USA Swimming registration card will be removed from the pool deck, and will be subject to a fine by New England Swimming.


AWARDS: Place 1-3 high point special awards for all age groups. No team scoring.



                                                1-10                                       11-20

Individual    24-21-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13       11-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1


FOOD: Available on the MIT campus.


EQUIPMENT VENDOR: A swimming equipment vendor will be selling suits, goggles, and other accessories for the duration of the meet.


MISCELLANEOUS: North shore Swim Club assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property.  Pets of any kind and smoking are not permitted within the facility.


PARKING: Friday after 3:00pm, Saturday and Sunday: MIT West garage on Vassar Street across the street from the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center will be OPEN with a limited number of spaces. There will be a $5.00 per day usage fee for those wanting to use the garage.


DIRECTIONS: From the North (I-95 or I-93)


If you are heading south on I-93, follow I-93 into Boston then follow the I-93 instructions below. If you are heading south on I-95, take the I-93 South exit then follow the instructions from I-93. Alternatively, take the I-90 East exit from I-95 then follow the instructions from I-90.


From the South (I-95 or I-93)

If you are heading north on I-93, follow I-93 (the Southeast Expressway) into Boston then follow the I-93 instructions below. If you are heading north on I-95, take the I-93 North exit then follow the instructions from I-93. Alternatively, take the I-90 East exit from I-95 then follow the instructions from I-90.


From the West (I-90) (Mass Turnpike)

Follow I-90 east to the Cambridge/Brighton exit (exit 18). Following the signs to Cambridge, cross the River Street Bridge, and continue straight about 1 mile to Central Square. Turn right onto Massachusetts Avenue and follow Massachusetts Avenue for about a half mile. The main entrance to MIT will be on your left. If you cross the river again, you have gone too far.


From Route I-93

From I-93, take exit 26, and follow the signs to Back Bay along Storrow Drive West, approximately 1.5 miles, to the exit for Route 2A. The exit will be on the left, just before the Harvard Bridge (more appropriately called the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge). The Charles River will be on your right. As you cross the bridge, you will be looking at MIT – the Great Dome and academic facilities are on the right, the dormitories and athletic facilities are on the left.


LODGING:    The following hotel is the host hotel of the meet: Cambridge Hyatt

Guests can make their room reservations by calling our toll-free Reservations number, (800) 233-1234, and referring to the North Shore Swim Club room block. Reservations must be made by November 8, 2012. Any rooms remaining in your block not reserved by this date will be released for general sale. The following is a link to the Host Hotel's website: Hyatt Meet Reservation Link