Swim Team Groups

PRACTICE GROUP DESCRIPTIONS:  We establish these guidelines for a reason. The intensity and workload of each practice group is adjusted to the appropriate skill level. We want swimmers to practice among their peers of equal skill level, so they develop confidence as well as appropriate physical strength and technique. There are specific guidelines to each level of practice:

BEGINNERS: Little or no experience on a swim team, needs to learn proper strokes, but can swim 25 yards (one length) of the pool unassisted.

JUNIORS: Can swim 500 yards without stopping, has a basic understanding of at least 3 of the 4 competitive strokes, and has had some prior swim team experience. 

SENIORS: Can swim 1000 yards without stopping, has solid conceptual grasp of all 4 strokes and the IM. Knows proper starts and turns for each stroke. Our Senior group Is geared towards those swimmers who have decided to pursue higher achievements in the sport of swimming. Coaches approval required to join this group. 

Drop-In Swimmers: Too busy to commit to a full season? Try our drop-in program instead. Swimmers may attend the practice that is appropriate for their training level for a $20 fee per practice.