Pool Locations

Fall / Winter practices are held at the Groton School indoor pool.  282 Farmers Row in Groton.

IMPORTANT:  Enter the campus through the gate labeled "athletics".  Follow the signs for the Ice Rinks and Boathouse. Drive all the way to the rear of the ice rinks and park in the large lot.  To the right of the main entrance to the rink is a sign pointing to the pools and fitness center.  Enter through the door labeled "No Public Admittance". Once inside the pool is on the left.  No street shoes allowed on deck, so please bring flip flops.  Please DO NOT enter the Athletic Building through the front door and walk through the school.

Summer Practices are held at Groton Country Club - 94 Lovers Lane , Groton, Ma.  Lovers Lane is off of Rt 119 (not Rt 40) , across from the CVS and post office.