SSYS Parent Support

Every parent is involved in our team through the tripartite relationship of swimmer-coach-parent. It is important to remember that the South Shore YMCA Strypers is an athlete centered - head coach driven - parent/YMCA supported program.

Parent support and volunteerism is critical to the successful functioning of our team and there are many ways for you to help out.

(a) Stryper Parent Committee (SPC)

The SPC is a volunteer committee dedicated to supporting the South Shore YMCA and Strypers swimming. Lead by the Head Coach, all members of the SPC are responsible for making decisions and taking action in the best interest of the South Shore YMCA Strypers Swim Team, its swimmers, and its families.


The South Shore YMCA is an organization founded on the principles of unity and bringing people together for a common cause. As members of the Stryper Community, we are working to provide a safe, fun and nuturing environment for each other. Members who supersede expectation and volunteer their time for the betterment of our Strypers Swim Team are the lifeblood of our organization.

Some volunteers will contribute hundreds of hours per year on our Strypers Parent Committee, while other volunteers are able to commit to one meet per year. Every volunteer is important to our team and its success. All volunteers are organized by the SPC and the Head Coach.

(c) Becoming an Official

Volunteering to become a Meet Official is a great way to become involved in our team. As a meet official, you will be responsible for helping insure the integrity of the sport of swimming while filling a vital role in our organization.

USA Swimming Official - to become an USA Swimming Official (Starter, Stroke and Turn or Referee), you must:
1. Attend a clinic.
2. Take an online test.
3. Apprentice four meet sessions.

More Information about USA Swimming Officials can be found HERE.

YMCA Swimming Official - to become a YMCA Meet Official you must:
1. Be familiar with YMCA meet processes.
2. Attend the annual officals training course.
3. Pass the officials test.

More information about YMCA Swimming Officials can be found HERE.

Official Certification is valid for three years. To renew certification, you must attend the annual course and pass the officials test.