Mini Strypers (Pre-competitive)

YMCA Mini Strypers Swim Programs:

Quincy:   M/W 6pm-7pm
Emilson: T/Th 6pm-7pm

Mini Strypers

This is a swimmers first experience with a USA/YMCA competitive Swimming program. Swimmers do not compete in USA Swimming meets but enroll in this program as a bridge between swim lessons and swim team competition.  It is also for the swimmer looking to build their aerobic capacity and stroke knowledge to continue swimming as exercise for life.

There will be monthly sessions throughout the school year. Practices run 2 times a week for 1 hour . Periodically throughout the year we will have a Mini Meet and Pizza Party.

-Swimmers must have passed through South Shore YMCA Swim Academy Level 6 or equivelant.

-If currently taking lessons with South Shore YMCA, swimmer must have been recommended to tryout for Mini Strypers by a SSY swim instructor.

-Non-YMCA Member swimmers with an outside program must try out with an Mini Strypers coach to join Mini Strypers

-Swimmers must be able to comfortably complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke without stopping

-Swimmers must be able to display a full length of basic breaststroke with a legal kick (non-scissor kick)

-Butterfly knowledge is not required, but encouraged.  Basics of dolphin kick is recommended.

-Diving requirement is not necessary, but recommended.

-Swimmers must be respectful and realize this is their first “coaching” experience not “lessons” preparing them to be “team players”

Required equipment:
-Appropriate swim suit (no two piece for girls)


-To be able to legally complete 25 yards of all four strokes

-To be able to complete 50 yards of freestyle and backstroke and have a basic understanding of competitive starts and turns