Lincoln Hancock:  MW 4-6pm, Sat 6:30-9:30am (please arrive in time to put pool together for practices.)

Home Branches: T/TH 3:45-6pm, Fri 5-6:30am

Dryland @ Quincy (begin date TBD) T/TH 5:15-6:30am, Dryland @ Emilson (only for 13 year olds and swimmers who can not make the morning dryland in Quincy) Tues 6:15-7pm

(Minimum age of 13.)

  • Senior  and National groups represent the highest level of swimming our program offers.  Swimmers continue to learn to train properly and the merits of proper practice technique.  We have a more in depth dry land training program, mental training program and goal setting program. 
  • Swimmers must be able to competently complete a 200yd swim of each stroke.
  • Swimmers must be able to complete a 1650yd freestyle swim.
  • Swimmers must be able to complete a 400 yd IM.
  • Swimmers must be able to perform a set of 10x100 free on a 1:20 repeat cycle.
  • Swimmers must have a basic understanding of goal setting, resting for goal meets, and the merits of hard practices.
  • Swimmers must be able to use the pace clock.
  • Swimmers must be able to adhere to the team’s practice rules of Being at practice to practice not play, behave in a manner that allows the coaches to coach and the other swimmers to practice, and follow directions and do things correctly.
  • As the old saying goes, "You will get out of it, what you put into it." At this level our practices build off one another.  Required attendance for this group is no fewer than 5x’s per week.  Recommended is 6x’s per week.
  • Competition Required.


Practice schedule the same as Senior

(Minimum Age 13)

  • Swimmers in this group must have attained at least 1 YMCA National time standard in the previous season.
  • As well as meet all criteria for Senior.

Senior/National Olympic Training Center Summer 2019 Training Trip