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Swim Meets


Camillus's Fall and Winter Meets
We host two United States Swimming (USA) sanctioned meets. The Camillus Sprints is held in November and the Camillus Classic is held in January. These meets provide a significant amount of our revenue and allow us to keep the dues at a lower level. All members are expected to work at these meets.
Invitational Meets
Throughout the year individual clubs in the Niagara LSC (NI) and United States Swimming (USA) sponsor Invitational meets. Invitational’s are meets with many teams competing with each other. As a team, Camillus Swim Club will enter several of these meets throughout the year. Attendance of these meets is highly recommended by the coaching staff and club. This gives the club and swimmers a chance to win a Trophy and/or ribbons which are given out at those events.
There are additional fees (Deck Fees, Event Fees) for these meets.

Competition Fees

When swimmers attends a swim meet or invitational, the club is charged a fee for each event and a deck fee for each swimmer. Event fees and deck fees are announced on a clubs informational PDF flier that is attached to the meet event. Typically, the cost of attending a competition ranges from $15-$50.  Please read over each meet flier as it gives you guidelines on pricing and event information.  
After a meet entry is completed (on the registration deadline), the appropriate charges are billed to the family account of the athlete.  Invoices are sent out via the teams system e-mail on the 1st of every month and are due in full by the 20th of that month.  
Meet fees are expected to be paid in a prompt fashion. If your bill (both registration and past meet fees) is past due by 30 days or more, you will not be able to register for a future meet until your statement is current.

Mail Payment To: Jen Putnam - 219 Myron Road - Syracuse, NY 13219

Make Checks Out To:  CSCI or Camillus Swim Club, Inc.

Competition Account Questions

How are competition fees determined?  The host of a swim meet determines the fees associated with the competition under guidelines set forth by the Niagara District.  At most invitationals, individual event fees range from $4.00 to $10.00.  A deck fee is a charge tacked on by the host club to help defray the cost of facility rental and other charges that come with hosting a competition. 

If an athlete signs up for a meet but cancels his/her entry BEFORE the registration deadline, is the family still charged?  NO.  Since the entry can be removed from the team entries before the file is sent to the meet host, no charges are billed to the club.

If an athlete signs up for a meet but finds out AFTER the registration deadline that they cannot attend (illness, another obligation pops up, etc.), is the family still charged?  YES.  Once the meet entry file is sent to the meet host, the club is billed for the entry.  As such, those charges are passed on to the family of the athlete. 

Are there entry fees for relay events?  The club incurs additional fees for the relays that are entered (usually $15 for each relay).  However, the individual swimmers ARE NOT billed for their participation. The club covers the cost. 

When are the competition fees billed to the family accounts?  After the online registration deadline passes, the coaching staff finalizes the team's entries and sends them along to the meet host.  Once that entry file is received, the CSC then applies the appropriate fees to the accounts of the families that have swimmer's attending the swim meet.

What if a coach adjusts an entry for an athlete?  Prior to sending the entry file to the host club, our coaching staff reviews and approves the event list chosen by the swimmer.  If the coaching staff needs to make changes, they will confer with the families ahead of time to get approval. Competition fees are not applied to the family accounts until AFTER the final entry file is sent to the host club.  The family is responsible for all charges that are related to their swimmer's participation. 

Do all meets have entry fees?  All of the invitational's that the team attends have entry and deck fees., including our own home meets. 

INTERESTED IN ATTENDING OTHER MEETS? Or Currently not registered with the club but wish to compete?
USA Swimming states that no swimmer will be denied the right to register and compete as long as they are USA Registered.
302.1 REGISTRATION ─ All swimmers practicing with a member club or competing in events sanctioned by USA Swimming must be registered as athlete members of USA Swimming. Athlete members must meet the rules of eligibility contained in Article 303. No swimmer alleged to be ineligible shall be denied the right to register and compete without being afforded the opportunity to refute the allegations relating to his/her possible ineligibility, pursuant to Part Four 
NOTE: If you are currently not a CSC Club Member, but have a current USA Registration on file you are also invited to register for any swim meet per the Meet's Rules and Regulations.
  • You fill out the paperwork in the PDF Meet Information Packet. All meets for Niagara can be found here -
  • On the paper work, Swimmers / Parents would indicate which events the swimmer was interested in.
  • Swimmers without a coach need to advise the Meet Director in advance.
  • Any swimmer entered in the meet must be certified by a USA Swimming member-coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water.
    • When unaccompanied by a member-coach, it is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer's legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement.
  • When you arrive at the meet, find the Meet Director of the “Host Meet”. They will make sure the visiting swimmers without a coach were paired up with a coach at the meet.
  • Meet fees and paperwork are the responsibility of the parent and MUST be returned by the registration deadline.
  • Swimmer/Parent attends the meet.