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The CSCI Niagara LSC Athlete Representative for the 2018-2019 Year:

Isabella Clary

Niagara LSC Athlete Representation

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Athlete Representative: Senior*
[9/2016 - 8/2017]
Jared Kettinger

Athlete Representative: Junior*
[9/2016 - 8/2017]
Spencer Schultz

Niagara LSC Athlete Representative

Eligibility per Niagara Swimming’s Bylaws:

Two Athlete Representatives shall be elected, one each year for a two year term, or until their respective successors are elected. At the time of election, the Athlete Representative must be (a) an Athlete Member in good standing; (b) at least sixteen (16) years of age or at least a sophomore in high school; (c) have been and currently be competing during the three immediately preceding years in the program of swimming conducted by NI or another LSC; and (d) have his or her place of permanent residence in the Territory and expect to reside therein throughout at least the first half of the term (other than periods of enrollment in an institution of higher education).

Job description for those that are interested:

  •  Attend all board and technical planning meetings in person or via the Internet, both the spring and fall House of Delegates meetings, and the USAS national convention.
  •  Assist the senior athlete representative with the athlete meeting preceding the HOD.
    •  Throughout the year the junior athlete representative is also responsible to increase awareness concerning the event and make attempts to increase attendance by fellow athletes. 
  •  Both athlete representatives are required to be a liaison between all athletes and the BOD. It is important that the board hears about issues from the perspective of the athletes and that the information provided is not solely based on the athlete reps own opinion.
  •  Educate other athletes concerning the function of HOD meetings and the appropriate ways for them to be involved and voice their opinions (whether this is directly from the or through the representatives).
  •  As an officer of the board of directors the junior athlete representative is expected to be active between meetings and bring forth a formal report of any actions taken or new proposals they wish to make at board meetings so that they may be discussed by the body as a whole.