Swim Groups

Falcon Aquatics Swim Club has two categories of swim available - Learn to Swim and our competitive program. Each program is divided into levels. Before a swimmer is allowed to join Falcon Aquatics, he will be evaluated by our coaches. They will place your child in an appropriate class based on his age, abilities and coordination. We use both Niagara Wheatfield and Starpoints pools for practices.

Learn to Swim Progam:

Level 1 (Tadpoles): Recommended for ages 3-5, No Swimming Experience Needed

Level 2 (Frogs): Recommended for ages 5 and up, Basic Water Skills Required

Level 3 (Barracudas): Recommended for all ages who possess the prerequisite skills for competitive swimming

Level 4 (Sharks): Swimmers should be able to complete one length of freestyle and backstroke. 

Competitive Progam:

Level 5 (Novice) Should be able to swim at least 100 yards unassisted. 

Level 6 (Intermediate): Swimmers at this level are swimming to improve for junior varsity level swim. 

Level 7 (Competitive)Swimmers at this level are swimming to improve for varsity level swim. 

Adult Swim: Swimmers lap swim at their own pace. (Swimming at coach’s discretion if space permits.)


For more information on Learn to Swim (LTS) or the Competitive program, please see the appropriate tab under "Swim Programs".