"How do I join the Thrashers?" This is our most common question from the community. We'll try to answer as many questions as possible here.

1. Do I have to live in the Horseheads District to join? Yes. Currently we have 100+ swimmers on our roster and it is difficult to get all the athletes through a 2 1/2 hour block of practice in a 6-lane pool. We will accept district residents into the program first and foremost. Corning and Elmira each have their own program as well and can assist you further. 

2. What is the minimum skill my child needs to join? If your child can complete 1 continuous lap of the front crawl (freestyle) AND 1 continuous lap of backstroke they may join and we will place them in an appropriate group. If they are unable to do so, they will need to get into swim lessons first to gain the basic skills.

3. Where do I get needed information about the Thrashers? Our informational meetings are the first stop to gain some insight of what your child is getting into. There will be a power point presentation giving a lot of basic information that is needed to begin navigating the world of the Thrashers. The next place for information would be here, on

4. When are the practices? This depends on the group your child is in as well as what time of year we are in. The winter is generally spent practicing later at night, while the summer is spent practicing after school/early evening/mornings. The CALENDAR tab located at the top will have the times for each group on each day.

5. What is the cost? Again, this depends on what group your child is in. You must purchase a USA Swimming membership each you that is your insurance and registration. This membership gives you the ability to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned meets and gives you a monthly subscription to Splash magazine. The 2016 USA Swimming membership cost is $66. There are also meets that we attend that have meet fees associated with them.

6. What group will my child be in? Coach will place them in an appropriate group based on their ability, experience, and age.

7. What does my child need? At the minimum, they need a suit, goggles, and cap (usually just girls). The Senior group is required to have a water bottle and center mount snorkel; it is recommended they also get their own fins. The junior group needs a center mount snorkel and to consider getting fins.

8. When are the meets? Our league meets are generally on Saturday. If your child qualifies for a non-league meet, they can be several days long depending on how many events they qualify for. At a minimum it is required to participate in the league meets to gain meet/racing experience.