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Dual Meet League

Jets Dual Meet League

Dual Meets are competitions in which two teams face off in a limited number of events.  Points are awarded based on finish and team totals are kept.  This creates an exciting atmosphere for both athletes and spectators.  Many of our swimmers get their first taste in this type of this competitive format starting in 7th grade through participation on their scholastic swim team.  The JETS DUAL MEET LEAGUE is being established to provide this fun competitive experience for our younger swimmers.  We are going to take 6 practice slots in our schedule this February and March and designate them as officially sanctioned USA Swimming Competitions. 

Details, details, details…


Eligible Athletes: Athletes from Age Group and Developmental will be split into THREE teams.  (Athletes currently training/competing with their middle school teams this winter will be placed on rosters this year).  Team rosters will be announced by January 31st.

Meet Timeline: 20-minute warm-up, 10-minute break, 1-hour meet

Entries Team line-ups will be made up by their coach.  It is up to the athlete’s family to inform the JETS if the swimmer is going to attend the swim meet.  FOR EACH of their child's 4 meets - parents must sign in to their JETS account and designate whether their swimmer will attend or not.  This must be done 7 days prior to the swim meet.  

Parental Support There will be NO COST to attend these competitions.  This is largely due to our ability to run this competition “in house” using JETS personnel.  Here is what we need from parents:

                - 4 USA Swimming Certified Deck Officials (plus any parents interested in shadowing)
                - 1 USA Swimming Certified Admin Official (we currently only have 1 in the club – time to train others!)
                - Timing Table Computers (2 volunteers)
                - Back-up Timing (8 volunteers)

The designated “HOME” team for the meet will be tasked with supplying volunteers for the Timing Table and Back-up Timing.  So please be prepared to assist for your teams invitational and home dual meet.

Results:  The Liverpool Jets Swim Club has applied for a sanction from the Niagara District for these meets.  As long as we have the appropriate number of officials, results will count in the swimmers' official time database and can be used for the purpose of qualifying for championship meets.

Scoring:  18-place scoring (Relays Doubled):   24-21-20-19-18-17-15-13-12-11-10-9-7-5-4-3-2-1

Awards To calculate a team's final score for the season, we will add up the total points scored in the team's 4 meets (2 invitationals and 2 dual meets) and add 100 bonus points for each dual meet victory.  The team with the most overall points will be rewarded at the JETS Banquet in the spring.  Ties will be broken by results of their head-to-head competition.  If two teams are stilled tied at that point, the two coaches of the respective teams will arm wrestle. 

Event Lists The event list for dual meets will be...
     100 IM, 25 Back, 100 Back, 50 Fly, 25 Fly, 50 Breast, 50 Free, 200 Free, 200 T-Shirt Relay

Teams:  Team 1 - The Seacows (Hall), Team 2 - The Narwhals (Jones/Mekker), Team 3 - The Walruses (Walker/)

Date Time
(including warm-up)
Event List Meet Results
Tuesday - Feb 12 6:45-8:30pm All 3-Team Invite Sprints Narwhals 1133
Seacows 930 
Walrus 827
Thursday - Feb 28 6:00-7:30pm Seacows - Narwhals 100 IM,25 Back,100 Back,50 Fly,
25 Fly,50 Breast,50 Free,200 Free, T-Shirt Relay
Narwhals 1136
Seacows 880
Wednesday - Mar 6 6:45-8:15pm Narwhals - Walrus 100 IM,25 Back,100 Back,50 Fly,
25 Fly,50 Breast,50 Free,200 Free. T-Shirt Relay
Narwhals 1059
Walrus 891
Tuesday - Mar 12 6:15-7:45pm Walrus - Seacows 100 IM,25 Back,100 Back,50 Fly,
25 Fly,50 Breast,50 Free,200 Free, T-Shirt Relay

Seacows 1101
Walrus 907

Wednesday - Mar 20 6:45-8:30pm All 3-Team Invite TBD