Become a Swimming Official


- It's a way to get involved in a scale that you are comfortable just our dual meets if you'd like.
- Great hospitality food at invitational swim meets
- Get a front row seat to your swimmer's competitions
- JETS earn grant money for each new official that completes the certification process
- JETS can continue to host dual meets at home (short, fun meets that are extremely cost effective for families)


The process is simple,  the time commitment is small, and the club will cover the costs of certification (I guess we just took out most of your excuses).  Here is a quick outline of the steps:

1.  Establish an account online with USA Swimming (this is so everything gets tracked on the way to certification)   

2.  "Stroke and Turn" Test (about 2 hours - doesn't have to be in one sitting...and you can print it off, work on it when you want to, then go back and enter your answers online).  
Links for help (you can reference these while you complete the "test"):
Videos - (6 short videos - use the menu next to the video screen to see them all)  
USA Swimming Rulebook - short version

3.  Fill out an Official Apprentice Form (enter the date of your first shadow experience in the top right corner)

4.  Shadow an Official on deck during a swim meet (Use one of our Dual Meets or an invitational).

5.  If you think this if for you, time to follow through with a full registration.  The JETS will pay for all processing fees.  Here is how you become fully registered:
Complete the Non-Athlete USA Swimming Membership Form and give it to Kim Hunter (JETS Treasurer)
Initiate a Background Check (print off the receipt and give it to Kim Hunter for reimbursement)
Complete Athlete Protection Training (free online course that takes about 20 minutes)

6.  Once you have completed 4 Official Shadows - we will set up a short in person clinic with Jim Stromski to finalize the process.  Once that is have become "OFFICIAL"-LY AWESOME! 

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.