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COVID Resources

COVID Resources

There was a funny t-shirt a rival high school team printed off back in the 90's...I'm sure it will make its way around again with this current shut-down.  The back of the shirt showed a swimmer and had the phrase "7 days without water makes one weak."  The current state of affairs around the world has certainly created a massive break in our daily structure.  Hopefully your family is safe and you guys have found ways to spend time doing things together that would have normally not made it in to the typical busy schedule.

The JETS Coaching Staff continues to look for ways to develop resources for its athletes even when we can not see them in person at the pool.  This page will be continually updated with new ideas and information over the coming weeks.  There are plenty of online resources to tap into...if you find a good one - send it along so we can take a look. 

FREE ONLINE WEBINARS (Grow your swimming IQ)

Fitter and Faster Upcoming Events:
March 24 - Noon - Dealing with Adversity (Athletes 12+)
March 27 - 2:00pm - Breaking Down Sprint Freestyle (Athletes 12+) 

March 24 - 1:00pm - Lilly King - The Queen of Confidence
March 25 - 2:00pm - Silver Linings with Elizabeth Beisel
March 26 - 2:00pm - Managing Performance Anxiety
March 27 - 2:00pm - PARENTS - Supporting Your Athlete Through Tough Times


FREE ONLINE DRYLAND WORKOUTS (Maintain Fitness and Flexibility)
Now time for some fine print...USA SWIMMING insurance only covers athletes when they are in the physical presence of a certified coach.  We have been directed by our national governing body to remind athletes and families that there are risks with all physical activities.  Participation in any routine posted on this website or communicated from the JETS coaching staff in any manner falls under the guidance and discretion of the athlete's parent/guardian.  Please proceed with appropriate caution and choose activities that parents feel are appropriate for their child.

COACH SESTAK's Sr/Jr Weekly Workout Schedule (.pdf)

COACH JONES's AG Dryland Options (.pdf)
Movement Explanations and Examples

Swim Like A. Fish (DAILY Live Workouts from 1:30-2:00pm from Coach Abbie Fish)
The Mekker clan has built this into our daily routine...lunch at 12:30pm - family workout at 1:30.  Its a nice way to bring everyone together and get some structure in the day.  Workouts are shown through YouTube and are live.  

Fitter and Faster:
March 26 - 2:00pm - Quarantine Fitness Workout (Athletes 9-12)
March 27 - Noon - Quarantine Fitness Workout (Athletes 13+)

CG Sports Management:
March 24 - 2:00pm - I.M. Fit with Katie Hoff