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USMS Registration



       All members of the Liverpool Jets Swim Club - Masters Division must register with USA Masters Swimming (or USA Swimming) to be covered by liability insurance. 
       Click on the US Masters logo below to jumpstart the on-line registration process. You will need a credit card to cover the $41 registration fee. Please use the following information to make the registration process go smoothly.

-When the site opens up, choose the on-line registration option.
-When asked for the USMS club code official abbreviation, please type in "NIAG" This stands for Niagara District Masters team, originally chartered in Fairport, NY.  All masters athletes in the Niagara District are registered as one large team (with different training sites). 
-When asked for your workout group, choose "Liverpool Jets Masters" (LIVP). 
After you complete and pay for the on-line registration, you will be given the option of printing your membership card. Please print out a copy to be turned in to the Liverpool Jets to verify your US Masters registration and you're the subsequent insurance coverage that goes along with it.