Program Philosophy

Rochester Rapids Program Philosophy:

Bearing the mission of RRST in mind, our coaching staff works diligently to provide our swimmers with opportunities to challenge themselves, grow as members of a team and, more importantly, as members of the Rochester community. With all of the positives of athletic achievement, it is just one aspect of a well-rounded, well-lived life. Our coaches work with swimmers to integrate life skills into our team atmosphere…there is more to a challenging practice than a good workout! Our staff endeavors to support the following:


Positive Team Culture: Fast swimming starts here. When we are all invested in each other’s success, we all move in a positive direction. Coaches support encouraging action in practice and meets. We respect our teammates and fellow swimmers, offer words of encouragement to others, and cheer LOUDLY! Our goal is for swimmers to leave our program with the skills and confidence to one day give back to the swimming community in Rochester.


Responsibility: Being accountable for actions is always expected. Every decision carries weight and we encourage our swimmers to carefully consider every decision they make. Swimming provides countless unique opportunities to grow through challenge. A commitment to self-improvement is necessary to achieve the goals a swimmer has set for themselves. That said, finding balance in life is also important. It is important to know when swimming needs to take a backseat to life.


Goal Setting: Understanding and appreciating strengths and weaknesses is a difficult part of sport as well as life. We work with our swimmers to create realistic goals for themselves, both short and long-term. As a part of our program culture, we also encourage swimmers to support their teammates in reaching their goals, as we believe one individual accomplishment can be the start of many.


We hope to instill a sense of pride in our swimmers in being a part of something bigger. Our swimmers are more than a name. They are a part of our Rapids family and the swimming community in Rochester. Coaches will hold themselves to the same high standard to which we hold our swimmers. We meet our goals as a team and define ourselves by our hard work and commitment to Rochester Rapids Swimming.