Novice Group


Training Equipment

Required: Fins, Kickboard, Equipment Bag

This is the entry level group into the program. The mission of this group is to introduce swimmers and parents to the sport of competitive swimming.

Training Goals:


Technique Goals

- Properly breathing to the side in freestyle with a good head position, long arm strokes with an above water recovery, and a consistent, smooth kick.

- Able to dive in head first.

- Able to do legal turns and finishes in all four strokes.

- Good body position and roll in the backstroke.

- Able to perform the glide phase of breaststroke.


Knowledge Goals

- Knows how to count distance/lengths of sets/instructions.

- Able to circle swim.

- Knowledge of kickboard and fins.

- Knows the team Stroke Drill Progressions.

- Understands Safety Rules.


Stress Management

- Swimmer controls emotions at practice and at meets.

Performance Goals:  


Training Goals

- Able to complete a legal 25 of each stroke.

- Able to execute a good streamline.

- Able to complete a legal 100 yard IM.

Character Development:


Sportsmanship/Spirit Goals

- Respectful of meet officials.

- Understands lane etiquette.

- Congratulates teammates/competitors.

- Encourages teammates.


Social Skills

- Communicates with coaches.

- Listens to coach, doesn’t talk while coach is talking.

- Respectful of others’ space in practice.

- Participates in group and team events.

- Respectful of pools, locker rooms, team equipment and other swimmers’ property.

- Picks up equipment and belongings after one’s self.


Team Commitment

- Wears team suit and cap at meets.

- Wears team t-shirt at meets.

- Cheers with and for teammates.

- Helps pick up pool deck.

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