Opportunity List

Support Point Opportunities

in general, 1 point = 1 hour = $5

Interested in one or more of the open positions? Got a fundraiser you'd like to coordinate?  Contact Scott Belote, BOD President ( or Megan Hewett, BOD VP (


New Member Referral – 10 points awarded after new member’s 3rd month of dues is paid.  New member must provide referring family’s name at registration.

Auction Donation – 3 points per donation (~$20 value).  Donations of baskets, gift certificates, etc. requested for Meat Raffle, Annual Banquet and other fundraising events.  Sign up on the Event Volunteer page for each event.   

Hospitality Donation – point values assigned based on items needed (case of water, bags of chips, etc.).  Donations requested for BAAC-hosted meets.  Sign up on the Event Volunteer page for each event.

Team SponsorshipMORE INFO.  Solicit sponsorships from area businesses, 1 point per $5 donation.

Swim-a-Thon – usually held in April, 1 point per $5 raised.  

Fundraiser participation (ie pre-sale event tickets, raffle tickets) – point value posted with fundraiser information.  Generally 1 point per $5 profit.  Opportunities posted on the Event page.


Fundraiser Lead- Develop and organize a team fundraiser.  Provide information to swimmers and families. Work closely with a team of additional volunteers. – 10 points + 1/hour

  • Meat Raffle – at least 2 Lead positions: Meat Raffle and Basket Auction    OPEN
  • Swim-a-Thon – at least 1 Lead position  OPEN
  • Other fundraisers – Lead positions as necessary.  Fundraiser ideas welcome!  Propose it to the BOD and it's yours to Lead!   OPEN

Fundraiser Crew- Generate and implement ideas to raise money for the team throughout the year. Assist Fundraiser Lead. Multiple positions available based on type of fundraiser.  Opportunities posted on the event page.  – 1 point/hour or as described


Board Positions- elected administrative positions to guide the club in the direction of the mission statement.

  • President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary – 25 points
  • BOD member at large (elections @ Banquet) – 15 points

Membership Chair – initial point of contact for any new member inquiries.  Arrange try-out and 2-week trial period with coach.  Coordinate registration process.  Liaison to new families.  Distribute shirts/caps to new swimmers.  Administer exit survey.  – 15 points 

Volunteer Coordinator- Works with the meet director or event chair to ensure all volunteer spots are filled and volunteers are checked in. Records all earned service hour points into the team website for family accounts – 10 points   OPEN

Communications Lead – Maintain regular and frequent presence on BAAC social media sites.  Submit articles to local newspapers.  – 10 points   OPEN

Merchandise Lead – Work with the head coach to find team apparel for swim meets, training trip or other events.  Design, take orders and distribute Championship team shirts twice per year.  – 10 points 

Team Sponsorship LeadProcure team sponsors and work with parents who find sponsors. Provide sponsor request letters and thank you letters.  Work with BOD and Meet Director on sponsor recognition as earned. – 10 points   OPEN

Team Banquet Lead – Plan and organize the annual team banquet held in the spring.  – 10 points

Banquet Basket Auction Lead – Solicit basket donations from families, track donations, set-up at banquet, sell tickets at banquet.  – 10 points    OPEN

Banquet Committee – Assist as needed in banquet planning.  Sign-up announced and listed on Event page. -- 1 point/hour

Banquet Slideshow – Solicit photos of swimmers from team parents to create the end of the year slide show for the annual banquet. – 10 points

Banquet Awards Lead-  Order, organize and distribute end of the year awards and banquet program. – 10 points

Social Events Lead – Organize outings for swimmers and/or families (theme park, pot-luck, service projects) – 10 points

Social Events Committee – Assist in planning team social events.  – 1 point/hour

Sunshine Chair – Acknowledge staff birthdays, family events, etc.  – 10 points

Team Photographer – Attend team functions and photograph or video swimmers during the events. Send selection of photos to liaisons for posting on team website, social media, slideshow, etc.  – 10 points  OPEN

Travel Trip Coordinator (TN meet) – Arrange all facets of travel trip, including bus contract, hotel reservations, meals, etc.  Manage sign-ups.  Disseminate trip information to 13 & over swimmers.  Work with BOD to determine chaperone coverage. – 10 points    OPEN

Travel Trip Chaperone (TN meet) – Maintain USA Swimming volunteer certification.  Supervise assigned group of swimmers at all times on the trip.  Other duties on trip as assigned.  – 10 points 

Team Hotel Coordinator – Work closely with head coach to organize hotel blocks for out of town swim meets. Disseminate the travel information to swimmers who qualify for the out of town meets. (not TN meet) – 10 points 

Timing Coordinator (LSC-hosted meets) – Manages timers for away meets in which BAAC is assigned timing duties (eg Championships, Qualifier meet, etc.) Responsible for scheduling timers and communicating timing assignments. – 10 points    [Points are not awarded for timing at LSC meets.  Families of swimmers attending these LSC meets are expected to share the responsibility equally.]

Website Manager – Maintain news, photos, BOD minutes, announcements etc. on website.  – 10 points 


Officials Coordinator – point of contact between BAAC and LSC.  Recruit new officials.  Monitor registration, certification and training requirements of BAAC officials.  Communicate BAAC officials’ hours to Volunteer Coordinator for credit. – 10 points

Officials- Training and certification required.  Entry level positions are Stroke & Turn Official or Administrative Official (times verification).  Requires an interest in the rules of competitive swimming, but no swimming background. This is a season-long position.  Costs incurred in the certification process are reimbursed by BAAC.  INFO HERE  -- earn 10 points for completing certification, 2 points/hour for every BAAC session worked and 1 point/hour for volunteering at other meets  OPEN


Team-hosted meets require an incredible amount of volunteer effort in order to be successful. We ask at a minimum that each family sign up to work a job each day of the meet.  Note that not all positions are necessary for every BAAC-hosted meet.   Sign-up on the Meet announcement page, Volunteer button.  Positions needed will be listed with the time commitment.

Meet Director – Responsible for meet planning and organization, work with meet committee members over the entire swim season. – 10 points + 1 point/hour  OPEN

Computer Operations Lead – Requires training and experience with meet computer operations. Requires season long planning with meet director and committee. – 5 points + 1 point/hour  OPEN

Computer Operator Assistant – Requires advanced training.  – 1 point/hour  OPEN

Meet Officials Lead – Secure appropriate number of officials to conduct the meet.  Demonstrate appreciation to visiting officials.  Report officials’ hours to Volunteer Chair. – 5 points

Officials- Training and certification required.  Requires an interest in the rules of competitive swimming.  -- 2 points/hour for every BAAC session worked.  OPEN

Head Timer – Back up timer during team hosted swim meets. Operate 2 stopwatches.  Should be familiar with the flow of a swim meet. – 1 point/hour

Timer – usually assigned 2 timers/lane.  Operate stopwatch and plunger, record finish time of swimmer.  Every session will have 1 extra timer for relief.  – 1 point/hour

Hospitality Lead -- Coordinate and maintain a hospitality room for officials and visiting coaches.  Arrange for catering, food donations, etc.  – 5 points + 1 point/hour

Hospitality Crew – Distribute water, etc. to officials, coaches and volunteers on deck.  Maintain hospitality room as directed by Lead or Meet Director.  Ensure that access to room is restricted to officials and coaches only. – 1 point/hour

Meet Safety Marshals – Assures that all hazards in the pool area are marked and that all safety all swimmers and spectators are following the safety guidelines.  Prevent running, rough housing and ensure the warm-up procedures are followed. Enforce warm-up guidelines for safety and organization.– 1 point/hour

Awards/Ribbons Table- Coordinate the preparation of ribbons, affix labels (automatically prepared by the meet computer), file ribbons to appropriate teams. – 1 point/hour

Heat Winners – Work with Meet Director to obtain heat winner prizes and select bell-ringer heats if applicable.  Hand out heat ribbons or “prizes” during meet for specific heats. – 1 point/hour

Concession Lead- Organize and run the team concession tables at all team hosted meets. Work with meet director throughout the season.  Determine concessions to be offered and purchase supplies.  Coordinates set-up and break-down of concessions. – 5 points + 1 point/hour

Concession Crew- Help to prepare and sell concession food as needed. – 1 point/hour

Clerk of Course – Line up and check in swimmers prior to their events.  Keeps the meet flowing on schedule.  – 1 point/hour

Runner – Transport papers to designated locations. Available for miscellaneous assignments during team hosted meets..  Must be willing to be flexible and active during the meet. – 1 point/hour

Scratch/Check-in Table – In a prelims/finals meet, monitor results for scratches and notify Alternates.  Check in swimmers as they sign in for distance events – 1 point/hour

Program Sales- Sell programs and heat sheets at the start of each meet session. – 1 point/hour

Meet Announcer- Announce swimmers during team hosted swim meets using the public address system. Also responsible for other announcements during the meet. Should be comfortable with public speaking and name pronunciation.  – 1 point/hour

Meet set up crew- Arrive  ~1 hour before the start of meet. Help set up tables, chairs, pool set up, PA system, computer system, etc. – 1 point/hour

Meet breakdown crew – Responsible for break down of hosted meets. Return of all equipment that was moved for the meet. Help clean up pool facilities. – 1 point/hour