Family Requirement


BAAC Families: for a statement of your Points (service hours) earned, log in to your account, select My Account, My Invoice/Payments, and change to the Service Hours tab.  (hours = points)

Family support of the team comes in a variety of forms, all of which are crucial to the viability of the team. Each family commits to earn an assigned volume of points based on their child's training group.  Points can be earned by volunteering, donating, referring new members, or fundraising.  Though each family is expected to reach their assigned point balance, we welcome any additional assistance for the good of the team.

  • Senior A -- 50 points
  • Senior B -- 45 points
  • Gold -- 40 points
  • Silver -- 35 points
  • Bronze -- 30 points
  • Novice -- 25 points
  • Families with multiple swimmers -- their highest training group +20 (70 max/family)


  • Families are expected to complete 2/3 of their Support Point responsibility by the annual Banquet (late April). Accounts will be billed for up to 2/3 of outstanding points at $5 per point on June 1, with the remaining 1/3 balance of unearned points to be billed in August.
  • If a swimmer moves up into a higher training group during the season, the Support Point commitment stays at lower group requirement for the remainder of that membership year.
  • Refer to separate opportunity list for ways to achieve Support Points HERE.  Additional fundraiser activities may be proposed to the BOD at any time of year.

  • Families of swimmers that join BAAC after October will be assigned a prorated Support Points value.  Months are counted from the first full month of membership through August of that season.

    • ​Novice: 2 points per month

    • Bronze or Silver: 3 points per month

    • Gold: 4 points per month

    • Senior A or B: 5 points per month

    • Multiple swimmers per family:  highest + 1/month

  • Families that discontinue membership with BAAC mid-season will be billed for a pro-rated balance of points due, using the same values as above.