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On Deck 

First, each family needs to have a login to both the Velocity and the Victor Team websites. To make it easier, try and use the same email address and password for both sites. This login will also be your login information to the On Deck app.

 Once logged into the On Deck app, under the Membership tab, parents can access their payment account information, update their profiles (such as contact information, swimmers suit size, medical information etc.), see swimmers best times and meet results. 

Declaring to attend a meet using On Deck

1. Once logged in to the app.  Select Velocity @ Victor or Victor Swim Club (whichever team site you signed up for the meet under).

2. Under the Membership, then My Account select the Members tab

3. Select the swimmer's name you wish to view

4. Select the future meets tab - you will have to slide the tab bar to the right a bit

5. Tap Edit Commitment

6.  Indicate either No, thanks or Yes, please. to declare if you will attend the meet.

7. If you are attending the meet, then tap the blue bar to view and select the events you wish you swimmer to swim. On the blue bar it will say something like Max Entries: IE=3 I REL=2 I Comb =5.  This means you may select 3 Individual Events (IE).  Relays are selected by the coaching staff only.

8. Check the box on which events you wish to swim - not to exceed the total number you are allowed.  This page will also show you the event numbers.  Make a note of them as your swimmer will need to know the event numbers and it will also give you an indication of the order the events will take place at the meet so you can decide if you want to select events that occur back-to-back or too close together - depending on how much time your swimmer wants to rest in-between events. 

9.  Hit Apply.  You will receive a pop up saying Commitment saved.  The events will now read Pending.  Your selections are your requested events but are pending coach approval.  Coaches can and often do change the event selections. 

10.  Once the coaches approve your events, it will say Approved and you can no longer change your requests.


Meet Mobile  

Meet Mobile is the app used to track swimmers' meet results and standings in real time. There is no login required for this app.  Once downloaded, you simply need to find the meet you wish to view, by either typing in the name of the meet or selecting it under the Meets Near Me tab.  Then select either the event or swimmer you wish to view.  You can download this app for free, however there are added functions for an annual price. Additionally, you may mark a swimmer as your favorite and final results will automatically be sent to you after an event.