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BlueFins Diving  

We are excited to continue with additional offerings under the Webster BlueFins.

As of May 2017 BlueFins Team has launched a competitive diving program to be run in parallel with our competitive swimming program. Dave Salmon has been hired to lead the program and brings over 30 years of experience with him.  He has been the Diving Coach at Fairport HS since 1991 and his divers at Fairport have won HS Sectional and NYS titles. (more...)

BlueFins Diving offers both 1 and 3 meter training with options from novice to experienced divers.

Diving Program Offers

The Webster BlueFins invite you to join our diving program. The program is designed for divers of any ability level for ages 8 and up. Offerings include Learn-to-Dive, Advanced Diving, and Semi-Private lessons for current HS divers and may vary. Registrations are offered on a regular basis and will open when dates are finalized for each session.

To find out more, please contact Coach Dave at

Bluefins Diving Philosophy

At Bluefins we want you to be the best person you can be, both in and out of the pool. As coaches we will come prepared with an advanced skill set to maximize your learning potential and will always have a positive attitude, patience and provide encouragement each and every practice. Knowing that no two divers are the same, we are experienced in recognizing learning styles and can easily adapt our coaching techniques to address each diver individually. It is our desire to facilitate your growth in the following areas;

  • use of proper progressions to safely teach you new dives
  • teach you skills and drills that not only increase strength and flexibility but enhance the learning process
  • to improve your diving using positive feedback and specific corrections
  • to educate you on the physics and dynamics of diving to help you learn how and why things work the way they do
  • to assist you in visualizing successful performance of mechanically correct dives


  • to encourage unity among team members and coaching staff
  • to accept challenge and address your limitations
  • to acknowledge differences in ability and learning style
  • to give you practical solutions to minimize fear of failure and the anxiety of taking risks

As a member of Bluefins Diving it is your responsibility to respond enthusiastically to encouragement in the following areas.

  • be open to accept feedback from coaches and others
  • respond to feedback from coaches and teammates positively
  • to do your best to make corrections each time they are given
  • participate in dryland training drills and skills that will develop your strength and flexibility
  • to put forth a solid effort and be willing to try what is asked of you
  • to maintain a positive and friendly attitude towards coaches and teammates
  • to show enthusiasm and respond to feedback respectfully
  • consider others needs to be as important as your own
  • acknowledge small improvements, look at the big picture
  • look for the positive outcomes on every dive, whether it went well or not
  • recognize that some degree of fear is the “healthy normal” for divers, and that you will succeed in the face of it
  • accept support and encouragement from coaches and others in a positive and respectful way

As coaches we strongly believe that focusing on these areas will dramatically help the diver improve both in the pool and in life. We know you will love our practices because we love coaching!

To find out more or to register, please contact Coach Dave.

Coaching Staff

Dave Salmon

Head Coach, Diving


Dave joins Bluefins diving with over 30 years experience in the diving world. Diving competitively since 8th grade all the way thru college he has held diving records at Churchville-Chili, MCC and SUNY Brockport since the early 80s only recently having seen them broken. He placed in the top 3 on 1m and 3m at SUNYACs and NJCAAs each year during his college career. Coming right out of college he started coaching high school. Dave has had numerous sectional and state champions out of Fairport where he currently coaches and is the only coach to have both his male and female divers win a state championship during the same school year. He has also sent divers with full diving scholarships to Stanford, Notre Dame and Georgia Tech to name a few.
Dave has served on the All-America Diving Selection Committee since 2008. "I see more diving meets in that one weekend than most officials see in their entire career." He is a software developer by trade and has created a diving program called eDive to manage and run diving competitions. This software is used every year at the AAU National championships and Dave attends that 10 day, 500+ diver meet every year to help manage and run it with his software.
"I'm addicted to chlorine so being a diving coach seemed like the best thing to do."

Ron Waterbury

Assistant Coach, Diving


Ron is a new addition in 2017 and will bring many years of coaching experience to Bluefins Diving. He started coaching during his student teaching at Victor Schools and presently finds himself with over twenty years of experience right here in Webster with both the Boys and Girls JV/Varsity school athletes.  Under his watchful eye, his divers have excelled in gaining top sectional as well as state honors; several have also pursued the sport successfully in college.

Ron was a NY State finalist and NAIA national qualifier while diving for Nazareth College, but is even more proud of his desire to remain a student of the sport these decades later. He loves reading about diving, breaking down video, and still will attend clinics and camps to further his knowledge. “I can honestly say that I love the sport now more than ever!” Importantly, Ron is also USA Diving Safety Certified.

Ron lives in Webster with his wife and visiting children, teaches middle school science in Pittsford, NY, and loves to play the trumpet!