Fees (updated for 2019-20) updates highlighted in yellow

*Please note that the invoice due date is the 15th of each month.


Please note that after October 1 of each year, if your swimmers are swimming at BAC, you are responsible for the entire amount of all fees:  Membership fees, USA Swimming Registration fees, any Meets or Activities already signed up for, Fundraising fees and the cost of any Volunteer Hours you have not worked.  Injury, illness or changing your mind does not mitigate your obligation to pay ALL fees.  Our experience is that most families earn all their volunteer hours and fundraising obligation.  We will work with you to help you to find ways meet your commitments.  Please communicate with a board member or the assistant treasurer if you need assistance. 


You will be billed for six categories of fees throughout the year:

1.  Membership fees:  The membership fees are listed below with a schedule of when they are billed.  Membership fees are never refunded.  In June, you will be asked to “re-register” for the following year and give a $300 non-refundable deposit per swimmer to hold his/her spot.  Failure to re-register may mean that your swimmer loses his/her spot on the team and/or is asked to try out again. 

2.  USA Swimming registration:  EVERY swimmer must be USA Swimming registered.  USA swimming registration provides insurance for us and for you.  If your child is injured going to or from a swim meet or swim practice, or at a swim meet or practice, ask the coach to fill out a USA Swimming Accident report.  USA swimming will contact you and tell you how you can use the insurance as a secondary insurance to cover deductibles or anything else not covered by your primary insurance, up to a limit.  The USA Swimming registration fee will be $70 per swimmer for the 2019-20 season and will be charged at the time of registration.


3.  Meet Fees:  Each swimmer is charged for the meets and events in which he/she participates, including his/her portion of a relay.  The fees for most meets can be found in the meet information posted with the event.  Once a swimmer has signed up for a meet, the family will be charged.  If the coaches have not yet sent in their entries, it may be possible to email the coach and ask for the swimmer to be removed from the event.  However, entries are often sent in MONTHS ahead of a meet and there is no guarantee that the swimmer can be removed.  Changing your commitment on Team Unify is not sufficient to remove your swimmer from a meet.  Rather, you must email the coach AND receive an affirmative response.  In general, if you sign up, you are obligated to pay.  Fees are not refunded due to illness or injury. In most cases, BAC has already paid the hosting club and will not be able to get a refund.

4.  Fundraising fees:  Fundraising fees are a per family fee that is an obligation, not an option.  Fundraising fees represent the part of membership fees that may be “earned” through our fundraising program rather than paid directly out of pocket.  Please refer to the Fundraising subtab under the 'Parent Info' tab for further information.  Fundraising fees that have not been earned will be billed on August 1st.  Please note: sometimes we will run “fundraisers” that do not count towards your fundraising commitment.  We will try to be clear in making this distinction.  Please check your fundraising account frequently on Team Unify to verify that you are being credited properly.  Fundraising credit is generally recorded by the 15th of the month after it is earned.

5.  Volunteer Hours:  You will be billed $35 in 2019-20 per volunteer hour that you have not worked. Please check your volunteer hours frequently on Team Unify to verify that you are being credited properly.  Meets and events are usually credited as they are worked.  Year long jobs are divided among each of the four volunteer periods.  Please refer to the Volunteer Hours subtab in the 'Parent Info' tab for more information.

6.  Event Participation:  Sign ups and payment for Age Group Activities (e.g. pizza parties, bowling parties), the Buffalo Bus, Wahoo Weekend, the Annual Picnic, etc. are done through our registration system and must be paid by credit card.  This information will be specified for each event.


Important Notes:

1.  You will be billed on the first of the month.  If you have not paid by midnight on the 15th of the month, starting with the September bill, you will be charged a monthly late fee of $25.  This late fee is generated automatically by the billing system; therefore, if you are mailing or dropping off a check, the check must be received by the assistant treasurer by the 15th.

2.  You have the option of using credit cards or automatic withdrawal from your checking account.  You can set this up in Team Unify so that it happens automatically on the first of the month or you can pay on a time by time basis by entering your data each time.  NO ONE at BAC or at Team Unify has access to your credit card information.  Some registrations or events (not membership or meet fees) may require a credit card.  You may enter your credit card just to pay for that event or you can choose to save it in the system and pay your bill automatically each month.   

3.  If you are having difficulties meeting your financial or volunteer hour commitment, please contact any board member to discuss your situation. 


A. Annual Fees: Please refer to the billing chart and the billing cycle for specific information about each group.

The Program Fees for the 2019-20 season are as follows:

  TYM Streak Snappers Blues Flex Jnr 1 Jnr 2 Snrs
Program Fee $1365 $1525 $1725 $1825 $1825 $2875 $2975 $3275
USA Swimming Registration Fee $70 $70 $70 $70 $70 $70 $70 $70


B. Billing cycles for 2019-2020


$300 non-refundable deposit due for all returning athletes (Deposit guarantees roster spot if all prior fees are paid. It is credited toward Membership Fees). Please notify coach if you do not plan on returning. In addition, each swimmer will be charged the $70 USA Swimming Membership fee.



Streaks/Snappers/Blues/Flex: All program fees due.

Juniors 1&2/Seniors: Initial program fee payment due (50% of balance after $300 deposit)


Juniors/Seniors final program fee payment due


TYM billing schedule


First Installment



Due on 10/15/19

Second Installment



Due on 1/15/20

Third Installment



Due on 4/15/20


C. BAC Athlete Scholarships are available for the 2019-20 Season. Need based, open to current and new BAC swim team members of all ages and levels. More information available HERE

D. Other
If your child joins the club after October 1st

If your child joins part-way through the season, your fees and fundraising will be pro-rated from the month you join.  Volunteer hours are pro-rated according to the schedule in the Volunteer Hours subtab. 

If your swimmer changes groups--

1) Promoted to a higher level program:  You will be billed the additional fees pro-rated by month. 

2) Moves down to a lower level by his/her own choice:  You will still be responsible for all the fees, volunteer hours and fundraising of the higher level group.

If your child leaves the club or changes groups after October 1:

You are responsible for all fees, including volunteer hours and fundraising. 

If your swimmer transfers to another club:

You must meet all financial obligations, including volunteer hours and fundraising, before you will be released from BAC.  At that point your swimmer will be able to swim for the other club.