Overview of Fundraising

BAC’s swim team operations are only partially covered through membership dues. The remaining costs are covered through the Fundraising Commitment. The Fundraising Commitment is a per family fee that is an obligation, not an option. Fundraising fees represent the part of membership fees that MAY be “earned” through our fundraising program rather than paid directly out-of-pocket. It is an attempt to make our swimming program more affordable. Families have the option not to participate in the Fundraising program and be billed.

The Fundraising Commitment for the 2019-20 Season is outlined below (same as 2018-19):

  • $650 for Junior/Senior families
  • $375 for Age Group families 
  • $150 for TYM families 

If you have multiple swimmers in your family, you should follow the guidance for your highest level swimmer.

This year, we will be requiring that at least one third of the Fundraising Commitment be completed by November 24.  If families do not earn the required amount by November 24, they will be billed.  We will be communicating specific deadlines for the various fundraisers this fall.  Anything over the one third by November 24 will roll over to the remaining commitment. Your remaining Fundraising Commitment will be due by the end of the swim year in July.  Any unearned Fundraising Commitment will be billed on August 1st.  Fundraising is prorated for families who join later in the year. Families joining after Memorial Day are exempt from the Fundraising Commitment. Fundraising credit is generally recorded by the 15th of the month after it is earned. Please review your account periodically.

Fundraising Commitment Opportunities 

We offer the following programs which can be used to fulfill the Fundraising Commitment:

  • Swim-a-Thon (90% counts toward the Fundraising Commitment) Details to follow.
  • BAC Tile Program (tiles cost $150, $75 counts)
  • Pre-Ordering Grocery Gift Cards (5% counts)
  • Shop with Scrip Program (1-16% counts, varies by retailer)
  • Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser: (50% counts)
  • Boon Supply (formerly Mixed Bag) Fundraiser: (40% counts)
  • NEW – Yankee Candle (40% counts)

Please note that the monies put towards the Fundraising Commitment are NOT tax deductible. Since it is a requirement and actually part of our FEES, it's not a voluntary donation. However, if you give more than your required amount, the portion of your donation that is in excess of the value you receive is. In practicality, that means that the Scrip and food coupons are not tax deductible in any circumstances.

We are always happy to have people exceed their Fundraising Commitment. For example, many people buy grocery gift cards routinely, whether or not they have met their commitment. BSA still makes 5% profit on the gift cards and the profit made keeps our membership fees as low as possible.


BAC Tile Program

BAC families (past and present) and swim school families can leave their permanent mark on the BAC facility, while earning credit towards your annual fundraising commitment. Families may purchase a tile with their child’s original design, which will become permanently installed in the swim school/locker room hallway. 

Cost is $150 per tile, 50% ($75 per tile) will be credited towards your fundraising obligation. 

Timing: TBA

More details on how the program works to follow.  Check out the current tile wall now in the swim school/locker room hallway! 


Grocery Gift Cards 

Families can pre-order and pay for grocery cards for Shop-Rite, Stop & Shop and Kings. 5% of each $100 gift card counts toward your Fundraising Commitment. 

To place an order, fill out the Grocery Card Purchase Form located on the fundraising tab on the BAC website (CLICK HERE).  Please submit the form and check in an envelope addressed to Chenxia Duan to the Grocery Cards mailbox in the mailroom. To expedite processing, send an email Chenxia Duan at with subject line "BSA Grocery Order" when you have left your order at the pool.  

Processing times vary for grocery cards: ShopRite and Kings could take up to two weeks to secure, however Stop and Shop could take up to three weeks. 

PICKUP (NEW) Orders may be picked up in the combination lockers in the BAC mailroom at any time the pool is open. You will receive an email or text when your order is ready with your locker number and your unique combination.  Your combination code will be the last four digits of your family’s home phone number in the BAC directory. If there is a problem with your order, please contact Chenxia Duan immediately.


Shop with Scrip Program

The online ShopWithScrip program enables you to purchase gift cards from hundreds of different vendors which are the same gift cards you can purchase directly from retailers. Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards. You purchase gift cards through at face value, and BSA orders those cards at a reduced price. The difference between face value and what BSA pays = your fundraising. Just paying for everyday things (i.e. groceries, gas) with Scrip allows you to fundraise. 

  • SIGN UP: To set up an account for Scrip go to Click on Register at the top of the page. The club Enrollment code is B33AL5D4174L8 (Case Sensitive!) Please include your youngest swimmer's name in the "Student Name" field when entering your account information on the registration page.
  • PRESTOPAY:  In order to participate in the ShopWithScrip program, you must create a PrestoPay account. Through PrestoPay, payment will be made directly from your designated bank account for the face value of your order, plus a $0.15 convenience fee. To create a PrestoPay account:

1.     Click on the PrestoPay link on your Dashboard.

2.     Enter your bank account and account holder information (account and routing number).

3.     Within 2-3 business days, ShopWithScrip will deposit two small amounts in your bank account. The next time you log in, enter these amounts in your PrestoPay registration to verify the account, and choose a PIN number to use for online payment.

  • CONFIRM that you are member of Blue Streak Aquatic and that your fundraising will go to BSA by clicking on Manage Non-Profits within your Account Settings. If you are already registered with another organization, you can add Blue Streak to your list and choose which organization you want your contribution to go to each time you shop.
  • ORDER cards from as many vendors as you want. Don't just think of them as gift cards to give as presents. Order cards for groceries, gas, clothing stores, and restaurants for family dinners out, etc. It's an easy way to make your fundraising commitment.
  • CARD TYPES: Both physical gift cards (plastic) and ScripNOW (electronic) gift cards can be purchased. ScripNow orders are processed immediately and emailed to you directly in minutes. Physical gift cards can be Reloaded for immediate use as well.
  • IMPORTANT DATES: Orders for physical gift cards are placed on the 1st and 15th of the month. Please make certain you place your order BEFORE the 1st or 15th. 
  • PICKUP (NEW): Orders may be picked up in the combination lockers in the BAC mailroom at any time the pool is open. You will receive an email when your order is ready with your locker number and your unique combination.  Your combination code will be the last four digits of your home phone number in the BAC directory. If there is a problem with your order, please contact Jennifer Thomas at jennifer@berkeleyaquaticclub.comimmediately.


Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

This winter we will host another Double Good Popcorn fundraiser. Flyers will be placed in swimmer’s mailbox and orders will be delivered to the club.  50% of your order will be applied to your commitment. 


Boon Supply (Formerly Mixed Bag: Reusable bags, totes, kitchen and home items)

You may begin purchasing from www.boonsupply.comas the fundraiser has started! 40% of your total purchase will be credited toward your Fundraising Commitment.There will be two fundraisers this year – Fall (8/1-12/15) and Spring (1/2-7/15).

Go to BSA’s Boon Supply fundraising page: Make sure you see Blue Streak Aquatic or our team's ID number 113088 at the top. Include your swimmers name in this section to ensure credit to yourFundraising Commitment. You may then order online and items will be shipped to you directly.

Out-of-Town Friends & Family Shopping Online - You may also send the link to friends, not in the area, and they can order their own products and it will be shipped directly to their home.  You can forward them the direct link have them visit Boon Supply’s home page ( and enter BSA's fundraiser ID (113088). Please also instruct them to enter your swimmer’s full name where indicated at the top of the home screen to ensure you receive credit towards your Fundraising Commitment. Please note that these orders will be charged shipping. 

Email  with any questions.


**NEW Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is an online fundraiser which will happen twice a year with 40% of your purchases going towards committed fundraising.  The fall fundraiser will close for on January 8 for online sales.  Orders must be placed by December 6 for holiday delivery.

·       To set up an account, go to and enter our group number (999996540).  Click on the SELLER tab, select Sign Up to be a Seller, to set up your Seller ID and personal fundraising account.  Once your Seller ID has been created, you can place orders and invite family and friends to shop on behalf of Blue Streak Aquatic.  Anyone shopping on your behalf must have the group number and your Seller ID for the purchases to benefit your fundraising commitment. All items purchased will be shipped to the person placing orders.

Email  with any questions.


United Way

BSA is a member of United Way and you can contribute to BSA by donating to United Way through corporate sponsorship. The advantage of this donation is that some corporations will make matching gifts to BSA, doubling your contribution. However, it cannot count towards your Fundraising Commitment since it is tax deductible. To make a donation to BSA through United Way, simply give our United Way number (Blue Streak Aquatic, Inc. #017541) to your United Way coordinator and the money will be forwarded to us. You will receive a receipt from United Way and from us. Please let us know the amount and your employer if you decide to make a donation in this manner because the checks are often not well labeled and it's difficult to know who has donated the money.



Blue Streak Aquatic is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The money is not credited to your Fundraising Commitment, but it does help BSA meet our budget. Any time you shop with, click the Amazon Logo on the Berkeley Aquatic Club website to begin shopping.