Private Lesson Policy

The priority for teaching swimming lessons at the Berkeley Swim School is the small group lesson.  These lessons run every day during the school year, and Monday through Saturday in the summer months.  There are approximately 150 classes offered during the course of a week.

Time for private lessons is limited but available to those who need this one-on-one approach.  The need may be due to difficulty mastering certain skills.  The individual may also have trouble in a small group setting or have issues precluding them from learning.  We also offer private lessons to high functioning special needs children and adults.

Teachers are not required to take on a student who they are uncomfortable teaching.  They may also choose to drop a student provided there is sufficient notice through the Swim School director.

At the Berkeley Swim School we can organize one or more private lessons upon request.  Please call the  Swim School to be assigned an instructor who will meet your schedule constraints.  If things go well, and they normally do, you can schedule subsequent sessions with your instructor.

Hours- Please email for hours and availability 

Classes  will be conducted using the Swim School curriculum.  There are no observation days.  Students are not considered part of the Swim School and are therefore neither eligible for clinics nor early registration for traditional classes

Rates (there are no memberships or other fees)

-30 minute Private Lesson: $45.00

-30 minute Semi-Private Lesson: $60.00

-45 minute Private Lesson: $67.50

-45 minute Semi-Private Lesson: $83.00



Please email the name, age, ability, your availability, phone number, and anything else we should know about your child/children.  Payment is made at the time of the lesson by check.  Make out your check to the Berkeley Aquatic Club.  You may pay in advance for scheduled  classes.  Present the check to your instructor or the office/ deck manager.


                  -Call the instructor 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson.

                  -Without notice, you will be responsible to compensate in full.

                  -If there are extenuating circumstances, in some cases the fee could be canceled.