Escrow Explained



What is escrow?

Every time your child is entered into a USA swimming competition, there are meet fees (ie. entry fees) that must be covered before your child can swim. Escrow will cover your child's meet fees. 

What are entry fees? How much are entry fees per event? 

When entering your child in a swim meet, you must pay for the events your child will be swimming in (ie. 50 free, etc.). Entry fees are usually between $8-$10 per event, and a $15/day splash fee, but depends on the swim meet. The bigger the swim meet (futures, sectionals, etc.), the higher the entry fee. 

Where can I find the entry fee price for a specific swim meet?

If you would like to know how much the entry fee is for a specific swim meet, please refer to its meet information. To find swim meets our team is participating in, click the  "Events" tab on our website. Click on the swim meet you plan on entering your child in and find the "Meet Information" option. 

How much money should I put in my child's escrow? 

For the beginning of the season, we recommend the following escrow balances: 

Novice - Pre-Junior: 300.00

Junior Groups: $400.00

Senior 1-3: $500.00

Swimmers participating in championship meets (i.e., silver/bronze and Junior Olympics) will be required to deposit an additional $100.00. This will allow for meet entries and fees to be completed in a timely manner.

When do I pay my escrow?

You must deposit an escrow balance in the beginning of September. 

Please note, entry fees are paid approximately 3 weeks in advanced to a swim meet to ensure we are not shut out of the meet.  


I decided to scratch my child from a swim meet/ my child is missing a swim meet. Can I get a refund for the entry fees? 


Fees cannot be refunded if the swimmer fails to attend the meet or if the swimmer scratches after the deadline stated by the host club in the meet information sheet.


How do I pay my child's escrow? 

To pay your child's escrow, Pay by check made out to JFAC escrow and placed in the box at Secaucus (please let jerseyflyersescrow2010@yahoo know),  VENMO Judy Garcia @JFAC-Escrow-Acct-For-Meets, or Zelle @201-910-3915.


How do I view my escrow balance?

To view your escrow balance, please log into your team unify account. Under the "Parents" tab, click the "Escrow Spreadsheet" tab. From there, you will be able to view your escrow balance. If your balance is red/negative or $0.00, please pay your escrow ASAP esp. if you plan on entering your child in a swim meet.  

I don't understand the escrow spreadsheet.

  1. Balance Forwarded is the amount of escrow left in your account from the previous season. If your escrow has a positive balance, it will be used for the current swim season. If your escrow is negative/red, this means you owe money from the previous season. Please pay this balance asap. 
  2. September - March are the months of the short course season. When you deposit escrow during the sc season, the amount will be recorded under the month you paid your escrow. 
  3. Balance Total is the total amount of escrow you have prior to entering your child into swim meets. If this value is negative, please refill your escrow. 
  4. SC/LC Swim Meets are the competitions our team will be participating in. When you enter your child into a swim meet, their entry fee costs will be recorded. 
  5. Meet Fee total is your escrow balance after paying the meet fees. 
  6. Remaining Balance is the total amount of escrow you have after entering your child into a swim meet. If this value is negative, please refill your escrow. 

If your escrow balance is negative/$0.00 and remains unpaid, your child WILL NOT be swimming at the upcoming meet they intended on swimming. To avoid a negative balance, you will be reminded to pay your escrow by Bernadette via the OnDeck App or [email protected]