2019-20 Swim Team Fees Payment info form


The fees associated with being a member of the Montclair YMCA Dolphin Swim Team vary based upon the age and level of the swimmer. 

There are three types of fees:

YMCA of Montclair Membership fee (dependent on age)

Swim Team Fees (dependent on Roster Group)

Meet Fees (dependent on number of meets/events)

The total fees for a swimmer for the 2019-20 season range from approximately $850 - $2400/year, the differences being determined by the age of the swimmer, the level of the swimmer and the number of meets in which s/he participates.  So a new 6 year-old swimmer would likely incur about $850 in fees for the fall/winter season and a 17 year-old National Team swimmer would incur around $2400/year.

Financial assistance is available to anyone based on family income, number of household members and the availability of Y funds. It’s provided on a first come, first served basis.  To receive financial assistance you must reside in our service area (Bloomfield, Cedar Grove, Clifton, Glen Ridge, Montclair or Verona).  An application is attached here.

In addition, parents/guardians will incur:

  • travel expenses for themselves and their swimmer(s) driving/flying to and from swim meets and for accommodations and meals for multi-day meets (for higher level swimmers)
  • equipment expenses for team suits, caps, goggles, fins, paddles, pull buoys, etc.