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Stingrays Age Group Fees and Payments Explained


Training Fees (Monthly)

Training fees are used to fund part of the club's major expenses: Pool Rentals and Coaches' Salaries.  The annual amount of the swimmer's training fee is determined by the training group level.  Fees increase with the level and frequency of training. Monthly Dues are charged on the 1st of each month.  There are no pro-rates or reimbursements for monthly dues. All members must sign up online for the payments. We do not accept checks for payments only credit cards.
We do not pro-rate training fees for inability to attend practices under any circumstances.

Family discount: The first swimmer in a family (defined as the swimmer in the highest paying group) will pay the full training fees, and subsequent swimmers in the same family will receive a discount on the training fees for their groups.

Moving to a New Group: If a swimmer moves to a different group, the new fee rate will come into effect on the first day of the first full month the swimmer spends in the new group; for example, if a swimmer moves groups on March 15th, the new group’s fee rate will take effect on April 1st.

Withdrawals and Refunds: All training fees are non-refundable except with 15 days written notice given before the end of a month; for example, if a swimmer wishes to withdraw from the club from the month of February and onwards, notice of the withdrawal must be received in writing by the club no later than January 15. 

Meet Entry Fee (Monthly)

Meet fees vary, but can be found in each meet packet that is posted with the meet online. They are usually a $5-$10 per event.  Most meets also charge for relays which are divided between the swimmers on that relay. These fees are for each swimmer participating in swim meets during the course of the season. If you entered into the meet and for whatever reason you can’t make it, you are still liable for the fees. Our team pays the host team WELL in advance to secure the swimmers spot in the meet. Your account will be charged based on the cost for each event entered. Stingrays also imposes a Meet surcharge of $10 per person per meet. This fee is to cover coaches time at swim meets.

Membership Fee (USA & NJ Stingrays annual)

USA Swimming Membership is valid from September 1st of the current year until December 31st of the coming year. The annual cost of Stingrays membership is $115 that includes the USA Swimming registration, 2 team caps, 1 team t-shirt, 1 car magnet. This is an annual nonrefundable fee that will be collected during Short Course season (September registration) or whenever a new member joins our team. Swimmers are required to wear NJ Stingrays caps and NJ Stingrays team logo at all competitions and training sessions. 

Benefits of USA Swimming Membership include: · Eligibility for USA Swimming sanctioned events such as camps and clinics, from local to national level meets. · Subscription to Splash Magazine, USA Swimming's bi-monthly publication. · Use of the SWIMS database to track times and performance. · Participation in motivational programs such as National Age Group Top 10 and Scholastic All-American. · Excess insurance by way of general liability and excess accidental medical coverage.

USA Swimming Transfer Form (at the time of transfer)

Transferring swimmers to Stingrays from any other USS team will be charged by NJ Swimming a $5 fee. 

Credit Card Processing Fee (at the time of charge)

Stingrays is charged  4% CC processing fee by our bank for every transaction, however we only charge members 2% fee.  

Athlete Surcharge (mothly) 

This is a charge set by the meet hosting team and only applies if you are entered in a meet. Instead of charging parents entrance admission, the fees are tacked on to the swimmer’s entries. Generally, $10 per day per swimmer.