Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ covers these two topics that cause the most confusion:



What is a "Time Standard"?

Some swim meets have minimum times that a swimmer must have achieved previously in order to be eligible to swim in the meet. For example, a meet that requires a "Silver" time cut means your swimmer must have gone faster than the New Jersey Silver time standards. These time standards can be found under the "Records" tab on our website. If you register your swimmer for a meet with a time standard our system will not enter them into the meet if they do not meet the requirement.


How do I qualify for Regional Championships and Senior/Age Group States?

Each swimmer must be an active NJ/USA swimming member and must meet the designated qualifying time, at any NJ sanctioned meet. Time standards are posted on the NJ Swimming & Stingrays web site.


What do I need to bring to a meet/when should I arrive/what is positive check-in, etc.?

All this information can be found in our Swim Meet Survival Guide! It covers all the basic parts of a swim meet, and will answer the most common questions about swim meets. Click HERE for the survival Guide!!


What are the rules used at swim meets?

All of the meets we swim in use the USA Swimming rules. These are available on the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations web page. If you are just getting your first look at the rules, you probably want to start with the Mini-Rulebook.




How do I pay for my entry fee?

We ask every swimmer to pay the required meet fees before or immediately after the swim meet. Entry fees will be charged to each account after every meet. Outstanding balances will be billed at the conclusion of the season to bring all accounts to $0.00. Meet fees are NOT included with registration fees. 

Meet fees vary from meet to meet but can be found in each meet packet. They are usually a $3-5 athlete surcharge that goes to cover meet fees, and then a $3-5 per event fee.  Most meets also charge for relays which are divided between the swimmers on that relay. Stingray’s dual meets have no fees.

If registered to be entered in a meet and then cannot make it you will still be charged for the meet fees, unless you inform the coaching staff before the entry deadline found in each meet packet, usually one month prior. After that point our team is required to pay the fees of the swimmers entered and thus passes the fees onto the swimmers.

Stingrays also imposes a Meet surcharge anywhere from $5-$10 per person per meet. This fee is to cover coaches time at swim meets. 


Do I need to pay the $60 USA/NJ registration fee?

Stingrays swim team is a USS swim team and therefore required that each swimmer must become a USA/NJ registered swimmer.

If I signed up for a meet, but do not attend, will my account be charged?


Yes. Stingrays team pays the host team for the entries, several weeks/months before the actual competition. We do not receive a reimbursement from the host team for missed races and/or swimmers who do not show.