Fall Group Placements - New Swimmers


NEW Tiger Shark Swimmers ONLY:
*Only for those "new swimmers"  who attended tryouts and made the team

Click here  for 8/8/19 tryout Group placement  

Click here  for 8/15/19 tryout Group placement 

Click here for group practice schedules, fee's, and more
Click here for the 2019 Fall payment schedule, Billing, and fee's

**Before registration, Please read in full and understand the information below:

New Swimmers Registration:
You must register at the welcome center during these dates and times only:
Thursday, August 15th6:00-7:30pm
Tuesday, August 20th: 6:00-7:30pm
Wednesday, August 28th 6:00-7:30pm

All New Parents will be required to
understand and agree to 
the team rules and requirements, 
as well as return a signed registration form to the welcome center during registration.
**This information will be used to build your website account**

Click here for New Swimmer's registration and agreement form (for new swimmers only)
                   **This form must be signed and returned at registration (8/15/19 & 8/20/19)

Due at New swimmers registration: 
Your 1st payment plus the USA Registration fee of $70 based on which group you're in (See USA Registration Fee below),  Plus any outstanding OCY balance, and the signed registration and agreement form
Click here for the 2019 Fall payment schedule, Billing, and fee's  

After your registration at the Welcome center,
There will be a 2nd step: 
Website registration
This will be your final step, even if you paid in full.
*ALL families are required to do the on-line registration and have an up-to-date credit card entered into our team website*
This registration will also complete the payment process for those with the remaining 3 payments.
This will only be available on-line starting Sept. 4th and will end Sept. 26th 
The remaining payments will then be automatically charged to your credit card on our website at 
*ALL families are required to have an up-to-date credit card entered into our team website*
If any on-line payment fails, you will have 15 days to update your credit card or you will be charged a $25 fee.
If you do not have a credit card on file by 9/27/18 your swimmer will not be allowed to continue in the program. 
NOTE: If you do not want automatic payments by Credit Card on our website ,
You can pay in full during the designated registration dates only. 
Click here for the 2019 Fall payment schedule, Billing, and fee's

Program Fees: 
All families will be required to have their payments automatically drafted, unless you pay in full,
from our secure on-line website at 
After Registration the automatic credit card charges will take place for New swimmers on  10/1, 11/1, and 12/1.
Any credit card charge that is returned will be charged a $25 NSF fee after 15 days of not being corrected.
There is no manual option to make these remaining payments!

USA Swimming Fee: $70
For all swimmers in the Reef, Hammerhead, Bull Sharks, Great White, National, Gold, Silver and Bronze  groups

*Activity FeeFor each swimmer on the team.  
There will be fundraising opportunities offered through STAC to help pay these fees.
These fees are to help subsidize coaches’ travel and banquet fees.
All OCY swimmers can attend the Banquet at no charge.
Payable in full or will be charged half on 12/15/19 and remaining balance on 2/15/20
Lemon Sharks - $15 
Sand - $30
Mako - $50
Thresher - $50
Reef - $100
Hammerhead - $100
Bull - $75
Great White - $150
Bronze - $100
Gold, Silver - $200
National - $250

2.5% off for 2 swimmers within your family. Not including the Lemon shark group.
5% off for 3 or more swimmers within your family. Not including the Lemon shark group.
25% off for all employees- MUST work more than 5 hrs per week, per OCYMCA Policy.
- There are no discounts on the activity fee.
- There are no discounts on the USA swimming fee.