Talented Swimmer Qualities

 Profile of the Talent-Maximized Swimmer

  • Has 100 percent attendance at practice sessions
  • Does not arrive late or leave early from competitions or training
  • Does not need to be instructed or reminded more than once
  • Incorporates both a team and an individual approach to their sport
  • Loves to race
  • Loves the sport and is committed to it
  • Has an open mind and believes that anything is possible
  • Has great self-esteem and confidence developed by exposure to and success in defeating challenges and obstacles---and, in fact, enjoys the higher and more difficult challenges
  • Always does more than the coach asks
  • Has learned and practiced the ability of self-promotion but understands that confidence, not arrogance, is a key factor in performance
  • Is very honest in self-assessment of training and competition
  • Is competent in turning both ways (left to right and vice versa) in training and competitions
  • Practices difficult breathing patterns
  • Practices circling lanes both right to left and left to right
  • Pulls with bottom arm first on freestyle
  • Can repeat exact stroke counts and specific predetermined times with even split, efficient strokes
  • Uses two self-prepared (not prepared by parent or coach) drink bottles in each workout
  • Carries at all times two suits, two caps, two pair of goggles and so forth
  • Advises the coach of any illness or injury before training or competition
  • Is capable of fruitfully using his or her free time to enhance training or competition performance
  • Consistently offers the coach feedback on technique, training repeats, best times or sets, heart rates and so forth
  • Practices good self-management in all areas of life, understanding that focusing on solutions is always better than focusing on problems
  • Practices quality nutritional habits at all times, especially during competition and travel