Programs Offered
Competitive Team - click here
The Peddie Aquatic Association is a comprehensive program that strives to build the fastest swimmer while developing the whole person. Our goal is to provide a program that is a support system which meets the needs of our swimmers from entry through college. We stress hard work and dedication not only in the pool but within all other aspect of their lives. Successful swimmers need to master essential life skills like time management, dedication, commitment, goal setting and especially goal completion. 

Masters Swim Program - click here
The Peddie Masters team is a professionally coached team that provides it's swimmers a unique blend of training opportunities. From the fitness swimmer, to the tri-athlete, to the competing master swimmer, Peddie coaches design workouts that both challenge and motivate
Swim Camp - click here
The Peddie Swim Camp is a co–ed day camp geared toward competitive swimmers who want to improve further or strong swimmers who want to experience competitive training. Coach Greg Wriede, Peddie's Director of Competitive Swimming and Head Coach, leads the campers through five days of intensive swim technique training, including instructional training in Peddie's state–of–the–art fitness center and underwater video–taping.