Swimming in College

For PTAC Swimmers - Please see the following information on Swimming in college!

PTAC College Recruiting Worksheet
The Steps
More Questions for Colleges
How to find a great College Scholarship
Collegiate Club Sports

Freshman - Read all the material but for now focus on "The Steps" and the "Timeline."  Start to think about the type of school you want to attend. 

Sophomores - Review all materials and make a list of schools you are interested in using our PTAC College recruiting worksheet.  Complete NCAA Clearinghouse.  Sophomore Spring complete recruiting questionnaires for all the schools on your list and send emails with cover letters and information.

Juniors and Seniors - Be sure to review all material again and work from the PTAC College Recruiting Worksheet.  After July 1st between your sophomore and Junior Year coaches can start to contact you directly.  During our fall goal meetings of your Junior year we will begin cover these worksheets.  Throughout your Junior and Senior years we will have followup meetings from your interactions and help to find the right school.