Program Outline

The purpose of the program is to enable swimmers to have the opportunity to obtain proper coaching and training for all levels of competitive swimming. Swimmers range from novice to Olympic Trials qualifiers. The program is under the direction of Tom Speedling and qualified assistants also work with the program. The program is held at Sonny Werblin Recreation Center on the Busch Campus of Rutgers University. Other university pools may be used.

USA Swimming Registration
swimmers must register with USA Swimming. The fee is included in Scarlet Aquatic Club  registration.

Parents and Spectators
swimmers are allowed into the Recreation Center during practice. Parents and siblings are welcome to wait in the Busch Student Center.

Disciplinary Regulations
Any person involved in vandalism, misconduct, or failure to cooperate with the coaches or Recreation Center personnel will be dismissed from the program.

Swimmers participate in USA Swimming meets according to their ability level and age group. Swimmers in the program may represent Scarlet Aquatic Club.  A separate fee is charged to cover entry fees. The fee is $300 for one swimmer and $400 for multiple swimmers. Unused monies are refundable upon request. This fee is not included in registration fees.

Enrollment Limitations
Enrollment in any session may be limited at the discretion of the Head Coach. Application and registration fee will be returned if a swimmer cannot be accommodated.  Coaches discretion is the determining factor in placement of swimmers in training groups. Registrations for winter programs must be received by September 20.

New Participants
New swimmers should send registration as early as possible. All potential new participants MUST ATTEND two tryout sessions. A limited number of new swimmers can be accepted in the fall.

Basic Training Outline
Swimmers are encouraged to participate in the program year round and to progress to increasingly challenging training groups. The season commitment is September through July.  Swimmers are grouped both according to ability and age, with ability being the more important consideration.  Prior to payment due dates, changes in workout groups can be  recommended.  All group placements are by coaches recommendation.