Refund Policy-Long Course
Long Course Refund Policy


Since the COVID19 pandemic has altered our swim season, our fees and refund policy will be updated when we have firm information when the swim season will begin.  


When you register for the Swim Team, it reserves a space for your child on the team and we staff according to the registrations. If you decide that you would like to leave the team before the season is over, we do require written notification and will adhere to the following cancellation schedule:  

● Date registered to April 30 - You are responsible for USA Swim Fees (If applicable), Administration Fee, and initial $200 deposit.  This is all Non-Refundable.

● May 1 to May 31 -  You are responsible for paying the above fees, $200 deposit as well as the 1st payment of the STAC team fees.  Any money paid over this amount will be refunded to you.

● June 1 -  You are responsible for paying the above fees and 100% of the STAC team fees.

Medical refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Medical documentation will be required. 

STAC will not refund any USA Swimming fees, administrative fees or initial $200 deposit under any circumstances.  In addition, if you've paid $125 for Summer League, this charge is also non-refundable.