Long Course Volunteer Policy


STAC Family Volunteer Policy - Long Course


Since the COVID19 pandemic has altered our swim season, our volunteer policy will be updated when the swim season begins.  


We have developed a point system to encourage all families to do their share to help our team be successful.

Families are required to work at all NJS Sanctioned Meets.  Families are expected to support STAC and STAC swimmers.  Please add, STAC Start it UP! LC Meet to your calendar now.  Families that don't signup to work will be assigned.  Anyone that doesn't work their assigned job will be assessed 2 points to their volunteer obligation for the long course season.

We require all families to complete 3 volunteer points for their first swimmer, + 1 for each additional swimmer this spring/summer long course season.  Families that have a swimmer in the Intro group only are required to earn 2 points.  The points must be earned by the end of long course and there will be no point carry over from season to season.     

If your swimmer joins STAC's Long Course and Summer League, your family will need to additionally earn point with the Summer League per swimmer.

Everyone will have ample opportunity to earn their points.  Only family members 18 years or older are able to sign up for the jobs to fulfill the point requirement.  Anyone that doesn't want to work their share has the option to pay $400 before the season begins.  Any unpaid points will be accessed at $100 per point and will be charged to your account at the end of the long course season.

Job Signup will be opened under the Events tab with each meet and event that require volunteers.

Point donation is permitted.  If a fellow STAC family is willing to help you achieve your point commitment, it will be accepted. The person working on your family’s behalf must inform the Head Timer or Event Coordinator which family they are working for or you will not get credit for the points earned.

Point Opportunities:

  • USA Swim Official:  2 points for each meet worked.
  • Head Timer:  1.5 points for each meet worked
  • Meet Timer:  1 point for each meet worked
  • Meet Floater .5 point for each meet worked (Not assigned a job but willing to be at the meet and fill in if needed.  Must attend timers meeting at the beginning of the meet’s session.)
  • Activity/Social Event: .5-1 point for each completed job.
  • Fundraising: .5-1 point for each completed job.
  • Create Your Own Job:  If you see a need, please don’t hesitate to step up and volunteer.  Contact [email protected] to determine if your job fills a need for the team and can earn .5-1 point.

Timing Policy:

We will open our Job Signup for timers under Events prior to meets for people to volunteer.  Final timing assignments will not be confirmed by our Coordinator until we get our assignments from the hosting team only days before the meet. 

On the day of the meet all timers must check in with the STAC Head Timer and attend the timers meeting before the session begins regardless of whether you have timed in the past or which half you are timing.  This is your opportunity to coordinate the “hand off” with the other timer assigned to your lane.  If you are timing for another family, please let the Timing Coordinator know who you are timing for.

If all of our timing positions are not filled with volunteers, we will assign the job to families that have an athlete swimming in the session.  You will have to find a replacement if you cannot time yourself.  If you cannot find a replacement, you are obligated to complete the timing assignment yourself.

If you are assigned to time, but do not show up, you will be assessed $100 for the unearned point after the meet.

People Unable to Time:

If you have a medical reason that you cannot time, we ask that you declare this to us before the season begins.  We will help you find other volunteer jobs that will help the team and earn points to fulfill the family requirement.

If you find you cannot work after signing up for a job or being assigned, you must find a replacement. You can find a directory of our families by clicking the Members button at the very top of our website. Under Location, please select a roster group for current members of STAC's team.

How to view your account's volunteer points:

Sign in to your account > click My Account > click $ My Invoice/Payment > click the top tab, Service Hours