Difference between SC, LC, & SL
The Difference between Long Course, Short Course and Summer League​


You'd like to know the difference between Long Course (LC) and Short Course (SC) and Summer League (SL) swimming... this is the short answer.
The Short Course season begins in September and runs through March or April. The pools we compete in are typically 25 yards.
The Long Course season begins in April and usually runs through July or the beginning of August.  The pools we compete in are typically 50 meters.
Both seasons have meets and championships at the end.  
Summer League usually begins at the end of May and runs through the beginning of August.  The practice and meets are generally held in 25-yard pools at different swim clubs, mostly outdoors. It is for kids that don't swim year-round and some that do, but is more recreational than LC. Summer League is an excellent introduction to competitive swimming in a fun environment.