Covid Policy:

All swimmers must wear masks indoors until they get into the water. 

Swimmers will bring a ziplock bag to the pool's edge and put their mask into the bag once they are at the water. When they finish, they put their mask back on when they get out of the water. They will continue to wear their mask until they are outdoors. Many swimmers bring an extra dry mask should their mask get uncomfortably wet. Like all equipment, the ziplock bag must be labeled with the swimmer's name.

After getting out of the pool, swimmers will dry off and put their clothes over their bathing suit. 

NO parents are permitted in the pool at Pingry. No exceptions

Parents of swimmers in groups Intro, Novice, JP1 & JP2 are allowed to view practice at RVCC as long as the number of people, including swimmers, does not exceed 60. At any point, our coaches may ask parents to wait outside of the pool area.

Swimmers will have access to a bathroom in an emergency, and shoes are required—no showers or locker rooms available. If swimmer locker rooms become available, masks will be required.

This Covid policy is subject to change at any time based on state regulations and the policies of the facilities that are utilized for practices and meets.