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Welcome to the Coaches Corner!  This is a new section of our website inspired by the social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 outbreak.  It is created by the coaching staff in an effort to connect more with our athletes and families.  Check back regularly for fun and interesting content created and selected exclusively by the SVY coaching staff!

SVY Dryland Zoom Workouts
Fri 6/12 - Gold/Senior - Get Tough Abs with Coach Dan Password: 5X?01aS. 
Fri 6/12 - Silver/11+SS - Legs/Arms with Coach Andrea  Password: 4c$#0*X* 
Fri 6/12 - Copper/Bronze/10U SS - Legs/Arms with Coach Adele Password: 5K.^r8F8 
Mon 6/8 - Silver/11+SS - Youth Group Ex with Coach Nick 
Password: 1n*=aDt& 
Mon 6/8 - Gold/Senior - Youth Group Ex with Coach Nick Password: 5A#h*86& 
Fri 6/5 - Gold/Senior - Youth Group Ex with Coach Nick Password: 8Y#3PV46 
Wed 6/3 - Gold/Senior - Backpacking with Coach Nick Password: [email protected]@58 
Wed 6/3 - Silver/11+SS - Yoga with Coach Adele 
Password: 4y%A12ui 
Mon 6/1 - Gold/Senior - Yoga Strength with Coach Adele Password: 5t*?7M2V 
Mon 6/1 - Silver/11+SS - Abs with Coach Nick Password: [email protected]+&Q.! 
Fri 5/29 - Gold/Senior - Legs with Coach Nick Password [email protected]
Fri 5/29 - Silver/11+SS - Legs with Coach Nick

Wed 5/27 - Gold/Senior - Full Body Attack 2.0 with Coach Nick Password: 1B*%V^6i 
Fri 5/22 - Gold/Senior - Leg Attack with Coach Nick Password: [email protected]
Fri 5/22 - Silver/11+SS - Legs and Abs with Coach Nick - Password: 7Z&[email protected]
Wed 5/20 - Gold/Senior - Full Body Attack 2.0 with Coach Nick -
Password: 7L*1TJ31 
Wed 5/20 - Silver/11+SS - Arms and Stability with Coach Andrea - Password: 2d.6OW58 
Wed 5/20 - Copper/Bronze/10U SS - Arms and Stability with Coach Adele - Password: 5H?E!e%m 
Mon 5/18 - Gold/Senior - Yoga Shred 3.0 with Coach Adele Password: 7u^[email protected]*7 
Mon 5/18 - Silver/11+SS - Cardio and Abs with Coach Nick Password: 8f$%B=i7

Fri 5/15 - Gold/Senior - Hammer the Legs with Coach Nick Password: 2m$8K6X^ 
Fri 5/15 - Silver/11+SS - Legs Outside with Coach Adele Password: 8o^@3s18 
Wed 5/13 - Gold/Senior - Full Body Attack with Coach Nick Password: 4H+7&#$V ​
Wed 5/13 - Silver/11+SS - Arms and Abs Stability with Coach Andrea Password: ​9t#*[email protected] ​
Wed 5/13 - Copper/Bronze/10U SS - Arms and Abs Stability with Coach Andrea Password: 1z$&LJ2* 
Mon 5/11 - Gold/Senior - Yoga Shred 2.0 with Coach Adele Password: 9e$6=7?2
Fri 5/8 - Gold/Senior - Abs and HIIT with Coach Nick Password: [email protected][email protected]
Fri 5/8 - Silver/11+SS - Yoga with Coach Adele - Password [email protected]^6a. 
Fri 5/8 - Copper/Bronze/10U SS - Yoga with Coach Adele - Password 5x=?4930 
Wed 5/6 - Gold/Senior - Plyos with Coach Nick Password: 0a^@74Tk Written Version
Mon 5/4 - Gold/Senior - Yoga Shred 2 with Coach Adele Password: 9k.2#Ad6 
Mon 5/4 - Silver/11+SS - Abs with Coach Andrea Password: 7n$p5+9L Written Version
Friday 5/1 - Gold/Senior - Get Tough Abs with Coach Dan Password: 7M^.6cFH ​Written version
Mon 4/27 - Gold/Senior - Yoga Shred with Coach Adele Password: 6h?^B.3D 

SVY Special Event Zoom Team Meetings
Sat 8/1 - SVY 12/U Virtual Awards Ceremony
Fri 7/31 - SVY Virtual Awards Ceremony
Mon 7/13 - SVY State of the Program 3.0 Address - Slides Only
Thu 6/12 - SVY State of the Program 2.0 Address Password: 3A%%.iw= 
Thu 5/21 - SVY State of the Program Address Password: [email protected]?.8I#
Tue 5/12 - An Afternoon with Team SVY and Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Held
 Password: 4f=lLT1l 
Tue 5/5 - Q&A with Bill Roberts - Head Swim Coach, US Naval Academy Men's Team join us live only!

Alumni Feature Q&A Zoom Series
Tue 5/19 - Lindsay Temple, Jesse Novak, and Zack Warner - US Olympic Trials Edition Password: 0K=.%d?5 
Wed 4/29 - Jess Ambrose & Ryan Waters - Service Academy Edition
13/O no password needed 12/U password: 5C!*@=.Z
Wed 4/22 - Katrina Kuhn & Brad Zdroik - Class of 2015 YMCA National Champions
13/O password: 9c?ton6J 12/U password: 2M%[email protected]

Staff Picks - Favorite American Races of All-Time
2016 Rio Olympics - Men's 100m Butterfly
"Joseph Schooling is technically American, training out of Texas, but in the pool with huge names like Michael Phelps, Chad Le Clos, and Laszlo Cseh is was so cool hearing about this 21 year old that came out on top. I think it also teaches a lesson in humility on everyone's end. Schooling's hero is Phelps and even coming out on top was so humble. Phelps and the other big names also were super humble in that even though they were the big dogs, they let Schooling have his win." 
–Coach Emily

2012 London Olympics - Women's 800m Freestyle

"One of my favorite races is Katie Ledecky's 800 in her first Olympics.  London 2012.  I just loved the confidence she had in who she was.  She had nothing to lose so she just went for it.  I remember watching it with my family with everyone expecting her to die and she just kept going.  It was so much fun to watch and it sent such an important message that when you believe in yourself you can accomplish amazing things."
-Coach Danielle 

2009 Shaq Vs - Men's Mixed Distance Freestyle
"On September 13th 2009 we were treated to perhaps the greatest race of all time. The lucky few that descended upon Loyola’s Mangione Aquatic Center on that brisk fall afternoon witnessed a clash of two titans the likes of which no one had ever seen before. Ali vs Frazier, Affirmed vs Alydar, and Mark McGwire vs Slammin’ Sammy Sosa in the 1998 home run race all pale in comparison to what was Shaquille O’Neal vs Michael Phelps.
Michael Phelps was coming fresh off his historic Beijing Olympic games. He was on top of the world and there was seemingly nothing left for him to accomplish. He could have retired, and we would still call him the greatest to ever put on a Speedo. However, the thirst for competition still burned deeply inside. If only there were another competitor of equal greatness to race. A foe so great, that when vanquished his life would feel complete.
Shaquille O’Neal had a historic NBA career. The 7’1 center was a multiple time NBA Champion, multiple time NBA Finals MVP, and a 15 time NBA All Star. After his three championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and partnering with a young Dwayne Wade in Miami for his fourth, O’Neal was slighted by being dealt to the Phoenix Suns for what was considered a steal. It was as if the league was trying to tell him he was too old to compete. Shaq had known this kind of disrespect before. His platinum selling album, Shaq Diesel, failed to be nominated for a Grammy and his emotional portrayal of a genie in Kazaam did not receive an Oscar nod. But this was an all new low. Now the game he had dominated for over a decade didn’t even respect him. If only there was a way to prove to the world that he was still the biggest show on earth."
-Coach Eric

2008 Beijing Olympics - Men's 400m Freestyle Relay
“Like all swimming/coaching families, August is a time for the beach for us.  My family and I were at our rental in Ocean City NJ at the time, on the outside patio with the TV rolled outside so we could watch the night’s Olympic coverage.  For those of you who haven’t been to OCNJ, the houses are very close together, most of them duplexes.  As soon as the touch occurs, I can so vividly remember the block of houses absolutely ERUPTING in celebration.  To hear that kind of response to a swim race was incredible.  In that moment, our sport became the highlight of the entire sports world, and it was unbelievable to experience that as a professional swim coach.”
-Coach Dan
"If I recall correctly, I was at my house watching it with my kids and Jodi. Once the last exchange took place, I never thought that Lezak was going to catch Alan B, but I noticed Lezak right as close to the lane line as he could and after the turn I also noticed that Alan B made a crucial mistake.  He also drifted to the lane line closer to Lezak and gave him a draft."
-Coach Oscar
"I would have to agree on the 400 free relay at Beijing as the greatest race of all time."
-Coach Ward
"I totally remember watching that relay when we were down in the Outer Banks with a bunch of our friends.  There were 10 adults and 10 kids in the house we were staying in, and I made an Olympic rings cake with the kids.  All the kids were watching the relay together.  I'm not sure if Ryan and Evan remember it (Evan was 8 then), but I was very into it.  The kids were all jumping up and down and screaming, although I don't know if all the other kids knew what they were screaming about."
-Coach Adele

2004 Athens Olympics - Men's 200m Freestyle
"This is the race where I fell in love with the 200 freestyle as a coach.  My coaching career began in 2004, where I spent the summer as a volunteer assistant under the tutelage of my long-time club coach at the Barclay Farm Swim Club in Cherry Hill, NJ.  In the same summer that I immediately fell in love with coaching, the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens really helped to cement that passion for me.  So many huge names taking center stage around the world, and the 200 FR was no exception.
This will always be one of my favorite races of all-time, despite the outcome. The reason I love this race is because of the guys involved, how much was on the line, and because it so clearly displays how many different ways you can strategize a 200 FR. You had Michael Phelps, a man who needs no introduction, but who at the time was still very much in the beginning stages of building his legacy. In Athens, his goal was to tie Mark Spitz’s seven gold medal tally, and while that was still a possibility heading into this event, the task of beating these other guys looked (and ultimately was) undoable. You had Ian Thorpe, who was cementing a legacy of his own in pursuit of setting the mark for the most Olympic gold medals in Australian history. For those of you who don’t know, the Aussies view swimming like Americans view football, and the Thorpedo was a living legend in his homeland. Grant Hackett was the other Australian in the race, the distance swimmer in the field, winning the 1500 FR in both Athens and in Sydney in 2000, and finishing silver to Thorpe in the 400 earlier that meet. While he was the 4th fastest guy on paper and the 200 was a little short for him, he was very much at the center of everything the Aussies were attempting to accomplish at that meet. And oh yeah, you had the reigning Olympic gold medalist from the 2000 Sydney Games and current world record holder in Pieter van den Hoogenband
in the middle of the pool.
Four world record holders, four Olympic gold medalists, and the four fastest 200s in the world at the time of the race. In a word: EPIC. Get your popcorn ready!"
-Coach Dan

2004 Athens Olympics - Men's 400m Medley Relay
"Rewatching this race for the first time in a long time, this was definitely a USA swimming highlight of those games.  You had: Aaron Peirsol break the 100 backstroke WR leading off the relay, which he didn’t do individually; Brendan Hansen hold off Kitajima, who kicked the crap out of him in the 100 and 200 BR; Ian Crocker, who was having a terrible meet, was chosen over Phelps to swim butterfly leg due to his experience (despite Phelps taking gold in the event and Crocker taking Silver), and then Jason Lezak sealing the WR. Were they the heavy favorite to win the event? Yes. But it’s those little pieces that really make the race special."
-Coach Frank

2000 Sydney Olympics - Women's 200m Butterfly (Condensed American Broadcast)
"For some background, Misty Hyman was one of the first women to really push underwaters to the limits that some had done in backstroke years earlier. The 15 meter mark was a thing in backstroke from the early 90s on but you could go as far as you wanted underwater in the other strokes. Because of this, Misty could go as far underwater as she wanted and even went 35 meters underwater in her 100 fly at the 1998 World Championships. She held several SCM world records because her kick was just ridiculous. In the summer of 1998, the 15 meter rule was applied to all strokes and Misty struggled for the better part of the next 2 years trying to adjust to the new limitations. She qualified for the 200 Fly at the 2000 Olympic Trials, but didn't make the 100 fly which she considered her best event.
The 2000 Olympics were in Sydney, Australia and for the first time, it looked like the Australian swim team could replace the American team on top of the medal table in swimming.  Not only did they have home field advantage, but only a year earlier, the 1999 Pan Pacific meet had come down to the final relay in deciding which team would have the most gold medals and the Australians had a large number of women and men who would compete for gold medals across all events and distances. 
The women's 200 fly was an event that the Australians looked to have locked down. Susie O'Neill and Petra Thomas were the top 2 women in the world in the event, with Susie O'Neill considered unbeatable not having lost the event in nearly 5 years going into the Olympic final. Misty Hyman's best time (from Semifinals of the Olympics) was almost 3 seconds off of the World Record that Susie O'Neill had set at Australia's Olympic Trials.
Going into finals, the two Australians were in the middle lanes with Misty Hyman swimming in Lane 6, considered by most observers as a bronze medal threat at best with her underwaters limited by the 15 meter rule. Even if she was in front, most thought she would "die" at the end of her race like usual, especially being chased by O'Neill and Thomas who were known for their back half.
I can still remember watching this race in my first month of college at TCNJ and it is a race that has stuck with me for almost 20 years for the following reasons:
1) No one is ever unbeatable
2) Adversity (the rule change) can be a positive sometimes
3) 200 fly wasn't even supposed to be Misty Hyman's best event"
-Coach Rob

1976 Montreal Olympics - Women's 400m Freestyle Relay
"The East German women were jacked up on roids and had been dominating the medal podium of that games.  Our girls rocked the relay and snatched the gold from the cheaters!  Here is the trailer of ‘The Last Gold’ that tells the story."
-Coach Mary Ellen

Click the following link to see the results for the Gold/Senior group SVY Time Trial Practice we held on Friday, March 13th for all of our NJ YMCA State Teamers