Meet Entry & Signout

Meet Entry and Sign-out   Updated (09/13/2019)

Please note that the instructions below are for invitational meets only.  Please see the dual meet page for instructions on signing out of dual meets.

The coaches follow one of two procedures when doing meet entries.

1.      Auto Entry Meets – These are meets where the coaches automatically sign the swimmers up because they are expected to attend. All championship meets, dual meets, hosted meets and some invitational meets are Auto Entry.

2.      Non-Auto Entry Meets – These are invitational meets the swimmer can sign out of if they do not want to attend. 

Please sign out in TeamUnify using the Attend/Decline option once the signout deadline is announced. You will be notified via email of signout deadlines. 

If you unable to use TeamUnify for any reason, the backup process to sign out of the meet is to send an e-mail to [email protected] and practice coach(s).

*Please sign swimmers out of meets as early as possible after the schedule is posted.  There will be a final deadline for signouts for either individual meets or for a particular month of meets emailed to all parents at various times during the season. If you do not sign out prior to the broadcast signout deadline your swimmer will be scheduled to swim.