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2016 Nutrition Meeting Schedule

Welcome back for the Winter Short Course Season! Swimmers are well rested and excited to put their best selves forward.  Do you know what that means ... ?

Back to Proper Nutrition!!! 

 Make sure to check out all the additions to the Nutrition portion of the website.  There are loads of links to new recipes, sports nutrition articles, as well as FAQs from SVY parents and swimmers answered.  That's a lot of good stuff!  






The team has a new advisor for Sports Nutrition 
We are excited to announce that SVY has a new Sports Nutritionist!  Casey Stahl, is an accomplished nutritionist, dryland/swim coach, and alumni of SVY.  She brings a unique skill set to the team and we are very happy to have her leading us toward optimum nutrition. Make sure you give her a warm welcome when you see her around the Y!

Casey Stahl's Bio

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact Lori Palfreyman at   


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