Code of Conduct
New Jersey Swimming Zone Team Code of Conduct
As a member of the Long Course New Jersey Zone Team I agree to the following:
  1. I will attend all team meeting and functions to the best of my ability
  2. I will observe the reasonable curfew set for me
  3. I will wear the appropriate team uniforms
  4. I will conform to all team rules and procedures as announced by team staff.
  5. I will compete in ALL events to my best ability.
  6. I will be a good representative of New Jersey Swimming
As a member of the Long Course New Jersey Swimming Zone Team, I am aware that the following are PROHIBITED:
  1. Use of alcoholic beverages.
  2. Possession or use of illegal drugs.
  3. Use or possession of tobacco products.
  4. Inappropriate or destructive behavior.
Persons present while any of the prohibitive activities occur must leave immediately or be considered a participant.  You must immediately contact your chaperone or any New Jersey Swimming Staff and notify them of the prohibitive behavior.
Conduct: New Jersey Swimming athletes are guests of the Richmond, VA.  Proper conduct is expected at all times. This includes the pool, the hotel, restaurants, and all places that New Jersey Swimmers might frequent. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to violations of safety guidelines, disrespect to meet management and officials, Jersey swimming staff, and fellow athletes.  Theft, vandalism, possession of stolen property or possession of controlled substances is prohibited.  ANY SWIMMER VIOLATING TEAM RULES OR CONDUCT RULES WILL BE SCRATCHED AND BARRED FROM THE REST OF COMPETITION, or POSSIBLY FUTURE COMPETITION. SWIMMERS VIOLATING THE CODE OF CONDUCT MAY BE RECOMMENDED FOR Disciplinary ACTION OR ANY COMBINATION OF THE ABOVE.
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Mail your signed Medical Release to:
New Jersey Swimming, Inc.
1933 Rt. 33 Ste 105 PHB 349
Wall, NJ 07719