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Summer 2011
Eliminate your Competition

Spring 2011
Hard Work
Kids Should Not Consume Energy Drinks, And Rarely Need Sports Drinks
Fuel your body
The Awesome 8 Year Old
How to Attend a Swim Meet
The Praise Craze

Winter 2011
Resolving Conflicts with the Coach
Guidelines for going on the road.
Should Age Group Swimmers do Weight Training?
Working WITH the coach.
Setting Goals - parent / coach / athlete relationship.
The myth of overnight success.
Practice Objectives and Routines.
Three variables of swimmer's performance that parents contribute to.
Why is swimming a year round sport?
Who should the head coach work with?
On praising your children.
Which events should your child swim.

Fall 2010
Where should fast age group swimmers train?
Because they must fail...

Summer 2010
Why Should a Club Support its Elite Athletes Financially?
Speaking Up to Grow Up
Key to Goal Setting - Parent Support
The Taper Case
When Your Child Stars Starts Swimming as a Teenager

I went to the Results Board to See How I Did
Lifetime Fitness
Good Starts
What We Do in Age Group and Stroke School Practice
Kids and Two Career Parents
What the Coach Looks for in a Swim Performance
What to Expect at Swim Meets
What Should My Child Be Eating Before And During His Competition
Weight Training for Age Group Swimmers

Spring 2010
A day in the life of an Age Group Parent
What is Long Course, What is Short Course?
Stunned, Shammed, Thankful, and Finally... Helpful
Helping young children set goals
Marginally Motivated Swimmers
Training Aids: Legitimate Tools Or Frivolous Fads?
After your child swims the event
My Man Dan
Training vs. Learning
Glycogen Depletion
Watching Your Child at Swim Lessons or Swim Practice
Learning to Prepare for the Best
Gain weight to gain strength

Winter 2009
What motivates the coach
Fast Food - How to make healthy choices
Fast Food Breakfast Choices
Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities
Swim Meet basics for parents
Breakfast on the run