Meet Entries


Meet entries have previously been completed by the coach. From now on, parents & their swimmer(s) will fill the entry out and the coach will approve the events chosen and make changes if necessary.

WHY: The swimmer and parents have a better understanding of the meet, options of races and become more involved in the process.

HOW: Here is a step-by-step guide to filling out meet entries.

1. Click on "Calendar" or see this bottom of this page.
You will see the current month and scroll down until you see "Upcoming Meet Schedule".

2. On the far right, is a column stating "Entries Here". Once "YES" is present, you may fill out the forms to enter for that meet.

3. Click on the "YES" and print out the accompanying packet. This packet tells the meet location, the warm-up and swim times, the max number of events per day each swimmer can swim, and includes the entry sheet.

4. Fill out the entry sheet and submit to LoriLynn Brock at the pool. See instructions below.


1. Record all informational data at the top.

To fInd the USA# or USS# : If your child has registered with USA Swimming (once a year dues), they have a registration number. You should have a card showing that number. Note: the number is a formula. The number is your child's birthdate including 0's and the four digit year, followed by the first 3 letters of their first name, then the middle initial and the first 4 letters of the last name.

For example: Johnny Fast Swimmer, born February 3 of 1995 would be 02031995JOHFSWIM

2. Select the races your swimmer will swim each day, according to the rules in the packet. For instance, in Las Cruces children can swim 5 individual events per day and 1 relay. NOTE: the coach usually likes swimmers to swim the max number of events each day. You do not need to record relays--the coach will add as applies.

3. Record the event #'s, event description and the entry time.

To find your child's entry times (fastest times):

go to

click "Times/time standards"

Click #2 Individual Times

Select date range, enter 1/1/08-present

Select to see all times or SCY or LCM. From Sept-April, we swim SCY (short course yards). From May-July, it switches to LCM (long course meters). The packet for each meet will tell you if the meet is SCY or LCM.

Click "show only fastest times"

Record your child's fastest times per event or "NT" for "no time" if you can't find a time for you swimmer.

4. DO NOT WRITE A CHECK; submit your form and you will be billed for the cost of the meet once races are approved.