Parking Information

Parents are welcome to drop off swimmers on the west side of the natatorium, in the lot between the pool and the Health Center. They may enter the pool through the gate or up the stairs between the pool and Johnson center. If you wish to park, there is a parking garage next to Johnson center and metered parking south of Johnson Field.

Yearly permits may be purchased through UNM. Please visit UNM’s Parking and Transportation website for current rates, maps, and other information.

You may pick up swimmers in the same area as you drop them off. However, please don't park in a handicapped spot or leave your car if you are in the bus/fire lanes.

      UNM Parking Pass info:

  1. The club keeps its dues lower than other metro teams to offset the cost of parking at UNM.

  2. To get a parking pass you may visit the UNM parking department in person or online (just search UNM parking).

  3. If you need to go in person, please ask coach Doug for directions – it is close to the pool!

  4. If you would like to purchase a parking pass, you need to get the cheapest one – the South Lot (S) pass.

  5. The S pass is for the South lots around the UNM Stadiums – BUT IT IS GOOD AT THE “A” PARKING LOTS ON THE MAIN CAMPUS AFTER 3:45PM – THE “A” PARKING LOT IS THE LONG PARKING LOT ACROSS FROM JOHNSON FIELD – an easy walk to the pool.

  6. The S pass is around $175 for a full year (starting mid August and ending the next mid August), and is pro-rated as the year progresses

  7. If you have any other questions regarding parking, please feel free to contact coach Doug at 505-417-7807, or coachdforbes

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