2018 Athlete Registration Form

If you are a new swimmer to New Mexico Swimming, under the age of 19 you also need to submit Proof of Age with this registration.  Athletes MUST register through their Club Registrar/Coach unless they are registering as UN-Unattached.

2018 Athlete Seasonal Registration Form

Any athlete wishing to register for the summer season only may use this form.  Please note that this registration will expire August 31, 2018.  

2018 Non-athlete Registration Form

All non-athletes are required to do a Background Check thru USA-S and take the Athlete Protection Test.  

2018 NMS Club Transmittal Form

Clubs are now required to send in a transmittal form each time they submit registration forms to the LSC.  

2018 NMS Outreach Athlete Registration Form

Teams submitting Outreach Forms must also submit the supporting documentation (Outreach Verification Form).

2018 Athlete Transfer Form

Transfer Fee is $10.00  Send to Deborah Kruhm PO Box 23899, Santa Fe, NM 87502

Athlete Travel Reimbursement Form  

Business Travel Reimbursement Form

Cost Reimbursement Form

Records/Top 10 Form

Sanction Application (UPDATED 7-23-16)

Appendix A-9 Meet Administrative Report (Financial) (UPDATED 5/24/2018)

Proposed change to NMS Rules and Regulations