Technical Planning



Spring TPC Meeting Minutes 

Technical planning - 4/7/18 Hampton Inn - 

Taos B league champs and Sectionals both offered live streaming of meet for coaches -
  1.  Mixed relays - for state for LC and SC - started to do this national
    1. for SC - either add another relay (friday) or change the existing ones to mixed
    2. for AG - good to add it to
    3. add it 200 medley to Thursday pm state for SC and LC (this meeting recommends this at HOD)
      1. 2 boys 2 girls open 11-14/ 11&O
      2. added after 800 FREE RELAY
  1.  B league meets
compromise to include some long events - was added long distances at end
now:  odd meets - 25 and 50s evens have 50s and 100’s
proposal of reorganization of  events for what is offered each meet
  1.  15& over finals  great for LC but for SC
    1. obersvation by doug season and location is so much different for
    2. for SC bring back 15/16 and 17/18 but leave 15&O for LC
    3. recommendation:  add super final to all 15&0 non-timed finals SC only 
      1. pending scorning within meet - and how it will work!
Informational from Charger: - High Desert was too big - will open the meet back up - making a strong senior meet
run 14&U with time standards and 15&O time standards
more senior type of meet
running A B C finals
Informational - MAKO is hosting B meet LC in June at WMAC
NOW:  only for LC - you can swim State and B champs if you have 1-2 SQT events (3 or more makes
you not qualified to do both) — but no state qualified events in the B champs meet
recommending:  same rule for SC