Starting a New Club?

Guidelines for Starting a Club


Thank you for contacting New Mexico Swimming about starting a new club. Below are the guidelines to help you get started.


  1. Go to the USA Swimming website at  > Member Resources. Swim Clubs> Starting A Club. There you will find all the information needed to start a club.
  2. Under the heading “Are You Ready to Start a Club?” is a list of thought provoking questions. Print off the list and answer the questions.
  3. If you feel you are ready to get started please contact the New Mexico Swimming Membership Coordinator:      Deborah Kruhm

[email protected]



You will be sent the New Mexico Swimming application that is required for club   membership.


  1. Go to the Prospective Club Information tab and print off all the required materials needed to submit with your club application. Be sure to print off the Requirement Checklist and initial each box as you complete each section.
  2. Required materials are:           a. Requirement Checklist

            b. LSC Application Form

            c. Demographic Questions Form

            d. Team Mission Statement

            e. First Year Budget

            f. Safety Action Plan

            g. Facility Use Conformation Form

h. Club Registration Fee (payable to New Mexico Swimming)

            i. Include coach certifications and requirements

                        1. Safety certifications

                        2. Background Check (Level II)

                        3. Athlete Protection Test

                        4. Foundations of Coaching

5. ASCA Level 2 & Level 3 (Level 3 does not make you a Level 3 coach- ASCA has additional requirements)

  1. Send all required materials with the checklist on top and the required $250.00 fee to:    Deborah Kruhm      

  New Mexico Swimming Membership Coordinator

  PO Box 23899

  Santa Fe, NM 87502



If you have any questions along the way please feel free to call the NMS Membership Coordinator